Lo Peix Brazil Amazon Cruise Review

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Dear Remi,

Just a short note to thank you for arranging our trip on the Lo Peix in the Amazon recently.  It was truly a highlight of all our many travels all over the world.  Michael and his crew bent over backwards to make sure we were well looked after.  The accommodation on board was comfortable and the boat was spotless.  The chef on board made lovely tasty local food and we looked forward to every meal.  Michael was an amazing guide who gave us very insightful and thoughtful views into the nature, people, animals, plants, politics, etc of the Amazon. 

Lo Peix Amazon Cruise

The itinerary was varied and each activity was a wonderful experience.  We are so pleased we chose a cruise over a lodge as it gave us the opportunity to really appreciate the majesty of these mighty rivers.  Everything was better and more than we expected.  Many thanks for the holiday of a lifetime and we would be glad to serve as a reference for guests seeking the same type of experience that we had.


John C.
South Africa

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