Peru Tour & 7-Day Amazon Discovery Cruise Review

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The Amazon Discovery is one of Peru's newest luxury cruises. Grace and Dwayne recently combined their 7-day Amazon Discovery cruise with a Cusco and Machu Picchu trip for the ultimate Peru tour. Read about their Amazon and Machu Picchu trip below... 


Amazon Discovery Cruise Review


Hi Sam,

We are back and you did an amazing job setting up this trip. We talked about what kind of accommodations we hoped for and the hotels you selected were perfect. I especially enjoyed Second Home Peru for all the art and meeting Mr. Delfin was an extra bonus. The people at Casa Del Sol in Machu Picchu went above and beyond to make sure we were comfortable.  Dwayne had a bad cold and although we couldn't stay in the room we had, they arranged for a room where Dwayne cold stay until 5pm, when we had to leave for the train. We couldn't thank them enough.  

Amazon Discovery Cruise Review

Everything went smoothly without any hitches. Everybody showed up on time and were knowledgeable. The guides were all very good and a couple of them, outstanding, especially Eliana in Lima, Carlos in the Sacred Valley and Edgar in Puno! The cruise with Amazon Discovery was amazing.  The ship had just been refurbished and was like new.  Our cabin exceeded our expectations (usually the photos are better than the actual product), the crew was excellent and our guide was a very knowledgeable local that not only knew the area very well  but also knew the people. 

Amazon Discovery Cruise Review

Thank you again for an amazing trip. We plan to go to Brazil and Argentina in the next few years. We will be contacting you again. By the way, next year we are planning a trip to Asia. Do you know anyone that specializes in the area?


Our Best,
Grace and Dwayne

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