Reina De Enin 4-Day Adventure

  |   Bolivia

"Dear Matt, Jeremy, and Owner of Reina de Enin,

We were thrilled with Cheo, Sergio Molina Vasquez (I'm not sure of his last name), our Captain and guide for our 4 day trip in the Reina de Enin in Bolivia. He was welcoming, personable, willing to serve and inform, and was a jack-of-all-trades. He made it so much more than a beautiful passage down the river. The things that impressed us the most were his knowledge and descriptions of the plants, trees, animals and birds, including his amazing repertoire of bird and animal calls.

I would recommend this trip to anyone who enjoys exploring the pristine wilderness where birds and animals can be seen in their habitat. Though the boat was more an old camper trailer than a cruise ship, the excellent crew made it the cruise of a lifetime. Kudos to the cook who served us family-style fresh food each meal with a great variety of Bolivian dishes."


Carolyn McCracken
Greenfield, IN

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