Treehouse Lodge and Delfin I Amazon Cruise Review

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Hi Jeremy,

It was an excellent trip.  Very memorable. The Treehouse Lodge was very remote and made us feel like we were getting the true rainforest experience.  

The Treehouse itself was very cool- something like Swiss family Robinson (one of my all time favorite movies). 

We enjoyed hearing the sounds of the forest at night and were very pleased with all of the activities that we did throughout our stay.  

While there, we got to hold sloths, visit villages and go on nature hikes throughout the jungle.  

Holding a Three-toed Sloth

Holding a Three-toed Sloth

Our nature hikes were crazy... The paths hadn't been used in over 4 months (due to high water levels) so there really wasn't much of a trail. 

Our guides cleared the path with machetes as we wondered through the forest. 

On our night hike- we saw crazy bugs, large frogs and even a snake hanging down from a nearby vine.  

During our day-time hike, a boat dropped us off at the hiking spot and within 5- minutes... We realized that the forest was still too flooded for us to hike.  Since the boat driver had already taken off...we were actually left stranded with our guides.  The solution the guides came up with was "we have to build a raft".  One of our guides literally cut down trees with a machete and we pulled down vines to start tying the trees together.  All in all everything worked out.  And this crazy adventure ended up being our favorite of the entire trip.

The Treehouse Lodge 

The Treehouse Lodge 

The Treehouse Lodge is an AWESOME spot for an adventure traveler who is ok with cold showers, bugs and a few stairs.

But It's probably not the place for someone who is looking for a luxury experience with fine dining.  

The Delfin 1 Amazon Cruise part of our trip was also amazing!  The boat was total luxury and every meal was a culinary experience that was insanely good.  Every last detail... Even the transfers... We're done to perfection.  

The activities aboard the ship were also great.  But they were more structured and a bit less adventurous than the ones we did at the treehouse lodge.  Our favorite activities during this portion of our trip were the forest walk ( where we saw poison dart frogs and an anaconda), fishing for piranhas and a craft making demonstration at one of the villages.

Many of our excursions were spent on a small skiff looking for wildlife that was hidden in the forest canopy. Though we enjoyed these excursions, we probably would have preferred something a bit more adventurous.

I'd highly recommend the Delfin 1  to people who are looking for a fine-dining luxury experience. But it's probably not the best cruise for the extreme adventure traveler.

All in all, The trip was awesome! The first bit was extreme adventure and the second bit was extreme luxury.  We are very pleased that we got to experience both and we wouldn't have planned it any other way.

Here's a couple photos!

I hope you enjoy.


Hillary Timm

California, USA

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