View from the Amazon on Anakonda 5-Day Cruise

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Caiman Ecuador Jungle

"Hi Miles,

Yes we are back home after an amazing trip [Anakonda 5-day]. We were very lucky to have the ship to ourselves and to be well looked after by the most amazing staff and crew. We stayed in their best suite which housed a jacuzzi bath and extremely high tech shower with nozzles of water coming at you from every direction.

One night we suited up in trousers, boots and long-sleeved shirts, drowned ourselves in DEET and headed off with our torches into the rainforest at night time ... Turning our torches off, we just stood there for a few minutes, listening to the rainforest talk. The constant noises of crickets, some birds, and the breaking of branches by monkeys as they moved from tree to tree, created excitement and fear ... It was magnificent though, and genuinely I felt vary safe

anakonda cruise wildlife

Our amazing trip through the Amazon rainforest was one exciting adventure after another. Whilst the wildlife doesn't jump out at you or is presented to you like you get at a zoo, it's an adventure searching for them through the bushes, trees, and in the water. A highlight for us was observing the behaviour at the Parrot Clay lick.

For me a week is not long enough, I merely scratched the surface. I left the Amazon with a greater respect for our planet, about its fragility and how the Amazon is nature at its finest. Nature rocks!"


David Giblin & Noy Vetsavong
NSW, Australia


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