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Bolivian Amazon Tours

The Amazon rainforest of Bolivia lies more than a thousand kilometers from the main stream of the mighty Amazon River itself and occupies only a fraction of the total basin, and yet this is one of the most bio-diverse regions in the world, its relatively untouched and virtually unexplored jungle adding to the allure of its natural wonders.

Some of the best wildlife tours in Bolivia’s Amazon are to the untouched Madidi National Park in the north of the department of La Paz, home to some great eco lodges, and easily accessed from tourist epicenter Rurrenabaque at the park entrance. One of the most popular Bolivian Amazon tours is a multi-day wildlife spotting Pampas tour, which often includes piranha fishing and sightings of the rare and beautiful pink dolphins, jaguars, and other difficult-to-spot creatures.

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Bolivian Altiplano Tour From Puno

An alluring expedition of the Bolivian altiplano from Puno, and perfect extension to a Peru trip.
Regions: Bolivia
Destinations: La Paz, Lake Titicaca, Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia Amazon
family Family
Starting From
$3,250 USD
Per Person
7 Days
Boat on the river
Private Charter Private Charter

Reina De Enin

A relaxed and rustic catamaran flotel exploring the rarely-traveled headwaters of the Bolivian Amazon.
Regions: Amazon, Bolivia
Destinations: Bolivia Amazon, Trinidad
family Family
rowing Adventure
Charter From
$3,589 USD
Per Day
3 Days +
24 Guests
12 Cabins