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Reina De Enin

A relaxed and rustic catamaran flotel exploring the rarely-traveled headwaters of the Bolivian Amazon.


The Reina De Enín, which was built in 2000, provides casual, relaxed exploration of the Bolivian Amazon. With 12 cabins hosting up to 24 passengers, the 85-foot boat transports you to the farthest reaches of the Amazon.

Life Aboard

As you step aboard the Reina De Enín, you will immediately feel the cares of your day-to-day life slip away. Suddenly you are in a laid-back place that invites you to let your hair down and reconnect with nature. The catamaran’s twin steel hulls give a sturdy feel to the riverboat, and there is ample space for your family, friends, or corporate group.

Though the air-conditioned cabins feature large windows, the best views are from the multiple terraces and the sun deck on the upper deck. From there, watch the dolphins that escort you on your trip down the river. When you are ready to cool off with a dip in the river, head to the back of the boat. A steel net creates a swimming pool in the river, perfect for taking a swim in a more protected way.

Varied Excursions

The flexible, laid-back vibe of the flotel Reina De Enín extends to the itineraries provided. Your cruise, for as few as two people, can start on any day throughout the year, which allows you to tailor a holiday to your schedule. A popular choice is a four-day cruise, which balances active excursions both on the river and through the rainforest with unscheduled time to relax.

Four small support boats take you ashore and allow you to explore tributaries. You will also take wildlife-spotting river safaris in search of caimans, pink river dolphins, and turtles. During hikes through the rainforest, you may see sloths, anteaters, capybaras, monkeys, and the rare Blue-throated Macaws.

For guaranteed bird sightings, you will take an early-morning visit to the Chuchini bird sanctuary to hear hundreds of parrots and macaws wake for the day. You will also visit indigenous villages to meet the Mojeña and Yurakare people to learn about local ways of life. Throughout your Reina De Enin Amazon River cruise, you will be accompanied by a crew of local guides. After a lifetime of living in the area, your guides will provide first-hand accounts of what it is like to live in this remote region.

Itineraries & Prices

All itineraries are subject to change due to seasonal weather conditions (and resultant variations in river and tributary water levels) affecting accessibility to locations. Thus navigation routes, times and excursions may need to be modified at the cruise captain’s or your guide's discretion.

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4 Day - Bolivian Amazon Cruise

Sample Itinerary
itinerary map


AM: Reception and transfer from the airport (or from the hotel) to Puerto Los Puentes on the Mamoré River. Presentation of the crew and internal tour of the ship by the Captain or guide. Presentation and clarification of the program to be followed. Indications of the boat and precautions to take on board.

PM: Set sail, northwards, on the majestic Mamoré River, born in the Andean heights. Get ready for native fishing. Walks along white solitary sand beaches. Later on we´ll enjoy a rejuvenating mud bath - we´ll also be able to observe river dolphins or bufeos as they are known in the region. During the night we´ll go on a Caimaneada (caiman watching).

Reina de Enin’s 4-Day Itinerary Day One - Caiman Swimming.
Trinidad - Amazon River
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Horse Riding & Night Wildlife Spotting

AM: After breakfast, we sail until we reach a farm for horseriding. Is time to learn about the characteristics of livestock in eastern Bolivia, while riding in the middle of the open pampas of Beni.

PM: In the afternoon we´ll look for a good place to relax and enjoy the beach. Swimming in the Mamoré river is a good option. After dinner will be the ”Lagarteada” - the simulation of the black caiman hunting. You will be taught how to find the alligator or caimans and learn about the characteristics of each creature.

Amazon River
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Jungle Hike & Dolphin Spotting

AM: After breakfast, we will find a good path to walk into the forest and explore the jungle, examining the properties of indigenous plants and fruits. The path is made in a stealthy way to increase the chances of finding and visualizing some species of fauna that can be found in the jungle.

PM: In the afternoon we make a hike into the forest. Afterwards, we sail to the confluence of the Mamoré and Ibare rivers, this is the best place for observing freshwater dolphins. Choose to swim here if you fancy a dip!

Reina de Enin’s 4-Day Itinerary Day Three - Jungle Walk.
Amazon River
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AM: The visit to the Green Lagoon is made going through a jungle path where the interpretation of flora and fauna of the place is complemented. We also visit one of the artificial hills that were made by the ancient inhabitants of the Moxos. Here it may be possible to fish some piranhas!

PM: After lunch, we will start the return trip navigating the Ibare river until we arrive at the port, where the taxi will be waiting to take you to the city of Trinidad (Airport or hotel).

Reina de Enin’s 4-Day Itinerary Day Four - Disembarkation.
Amazon River - Trinidad
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Social Areas

Side Decks
Outdoor Resting Area
Sun Deck
Alfresco Lunch
A woman observing the river
Outdoor corridor
Seats and tables on the outdoor deck
Big group of people at the table

Suites & Cabins

Reina de Enin's Standard Cabin.
12 Cabins

Standard Cabin

2 - 3
2.7 m² / 29 ft² (approximately)
Double + Single / Twin

Ten of the twelve cabins on board come with a private bathroom, hot water, air conditioning and basic amenities to keep guests refreshed. The other two cabins still have private bathrooms but only a fan to keep guests cool, and have no hot water. There is a total of 10 triple rooms and 2 double rooms onboard.

Technical Information

Deck Plan


  • Cabins with balconies
  • Air conditioning
  • Lecture room
  • Family Room (Triple or Quadruple)


  • Fishing equipment
  • Yoga mats
** Use of certain equipment at additional cost, ask for details
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