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Amazon Cruises In Bolivia

About a third of Bolivia lies within the Amazon basin, a vast, sparsely populated and largely untamed lowland region of swamp, savannah and tropical rainforest where jaguars, tapirs and giant anteaters roam beneath the towering forest canopy and the skies are filled with a kaleidoscopic variety of birds. This is one of the most bio-diverse regions in the world with large areas of rainforest that remain relatively untouched and virtually unexplored.

The starting point for Amazon cruises in Bolivia is Trinidad, capital of the department of Beni, and de-facto capital of the Bolivian Amazon. This lively, tropical city in the headwaters region of the Amazon in north-central Bolivia lies just 14 degrees south of the Equator but more amazingly some 2,000 miles from both the Amazon River’s source and mouth, so unlike Iquitos in Peru, or other large Amazonian cities in neighboring countries, ocean-going ships cannot venture upriver to Bolivia, its inferior infrastructure only adding the its adventurous appeal.

There is only one riverboat operating expedition cruises in the Bolivian Amazon, the Flotel Reina De Enin, a traditionally-styled purpose-built riverboat exploring two contrasting rivers, the Río Ibare – just eight kilometers from town, and the place to go for river trips, swimming in custom made pools on the riverbanks, fishing, walking or just relaxing – and the Río Mamoré – meaning ‘Great Mother’ in Moxeño – the biggest river in Bolivia and, despite its busy cattle barges and banana boats, still a great place from which to spot pink river dolphins, abundant wildlife and make the most of its huge sandy beaches.

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Reina De Enin

A relaxed and rustic catamaran flotel exploring the rarely-traveled headwaters of the Bolivian Amazon.
Regions: Amazon, Bolivia
Destinations: Bolivia Amazon, Trinidad
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$3,950 USD
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24 Guests
12 Cabins
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