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Ecuador Travel Guide

The definitive Ecuador travel guide with expert tips, advice and ideas for planning a trip to Ecuador for the most rewarding of custom Ecuador vacations.

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Protecting The Galapagos Islands: Key Conservation Projects

The Galapagos Islands have been protected under a national park status since 1961, but what exactly does that mean? How many creatures are still endangered on the islands and what are the […]
View Of The Amazonia , Manu, Peru
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5 Best Places To Visit The Amazon Jungle To See Wildlife

One simply runs out of superlatives describing the rainforest of the Amazon Basin (the so-called “Amazon jungle” of popular conception). About the size of the conterminous United States, this biggest river basin […]
Mindo Eco Lodge, Ecuador
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Luxury Amazon Rainforest Hotels: Where To Stay In The Amazon

The Amazon Rainforest is by far one of the most mysterious and exciting locales to visit in all of South America. Teeming with abundant wildlife, exotic trees and plants, and even indigenous […]
Dense Vegetation On Cuyabeno River
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11 Tourist Attractions In The Amazon Rainforest You Must See

When it comes to untouched nature in a wildlife-rich environment, the Amazon Rainforest is one of the last places on earth to explore. Even hearing the word Amazon conjures up images of […]
Colorful Lighthouse On Bartolome Island
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17 Galapagos Islands Tourist Attractions You Must See

While there are many places to travel, no destination can compete with the offerings provided by the Galapagos Islands. Whether you’re looking for an unspoiled beach to relax on or feel ready […]
Galapagos Giant Tortoise And Tourist Couple
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A Guide To The Perfect Galapagos Islands Honeymoon

Planning your honeymoon is an exciting part of your wedding plans. Undoubtedly, you’ll want it to be memorable long after your return home, so finding the right destination is essential. Whether you’re […]
Happy Family Enjoying The View In the Sacred valley Of The Incas In Cusco - Peru
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7 Best Family Destinations In South America

Soaring mountains, incredible wildlife and beaches, historical remains, the greatest natural and manmade wonders in the world, and spectacular cultural highlights from food to art, South America is a perfect destination for […]
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Best Food In South America? 12 Must-Try Specialty Dishes

One of the strongest arguments in favor of vacationing in South America is to have the chance at sampling is fascinating specialty dishes high in colors and flavors. The cuisine has numerous […]
couple dancing tango in buenos aires, argentina
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Top 10 South America Tourist Attractions You Have To See

South America is a continent of contrasting landscapes, featuring the highest, the driest, the largest, the deepest, the rarest, and more… If planning a vacation to South America, below please find our […]
ecuador honeymoon, happy couple on the beach
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Ecuador Honeymoon | Destinations, Hotels & Itinerary Ideas

Intertwine your honeymoon with moments of adventure and relaxation by escaping to one of the most biodiverse countries in South America, Ecuador. Together you can explore snow-capped volcanoes, Amazon rainforests, and colonial […]
Father and Son admiring the Cotopaxi Volcano
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Ecuador Family Travel: 9 Things To Do In Ecuador With Kids

If you’re looking for a unique, out-of-the-ordinary location to vacation with your kids, look no further than Ecuador. This small country in South America offers much with its varied terrain, culture, and […]
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Food In Galápagos: 9 Dishes The Islands Should Be Famous For

A trip to the pristine Galápagos Islands is an experience you’ll long remember. With incredible scenery, abundant wildlife, sandy beaches, and unique activities to keep you busy and provide opportunities to relax, […]
Sunset In The Amazon River Rainforest Basin
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7 Best Places To Visit In Ecuador

Are you looking for a way to experience the best of South America without having to constantly cross borders? If so, you’re in luck. Ecuador, although smaller in size, remains big on […]
View Of The Cotopaxi Volcano
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Top 10 Ecuador Tourist Attractions You Have to See

Traveling is often its own reward, but add in the best of Ecuador tourist attractions, and it gets even better. With no need for flashy attractions to get your attention, Ecuador instead […]
rainbow from patio casa zuleta
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15 Best Luxury & Boutique Hotels In Ecuador

Could Ecuador be holding secrets within its incredible natural sites, colonial cities, Andes highlands, and Amazonian rainforest? If such secrets involve amazing luxury and boutique accommodations, then the answer is a resounding […]
Middle Of The World Monument
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The 9 Best Things to Do in Ecuador

One of the best-kept travel secrets today is the vast variety of activities that the compact country of Ecuador has to offer. Whether you’re on your honeymoon, celebrating an anniversary, or taking […]
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Ecuadorian Food: 11 Traditional Dishes You Must Try

To fully experience a country means finding ways to be a native, even if just for a day, a week, or longer. One way to achieve this is by sampling the unique, […]
Beautiful Historical Hacienda
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The 5 Best Haciendas In Ecuador

Staying in one of the many beautifully restored haciendas as part of a custom vacation package to Ecuador offers guests a first-hand glimpse into its Spanish colonial past, and a chance to […]
Galapagos Cruise at Christmas
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Galapagos At Christmas & New Years

Christmas is a time of year that, for many people, means replaying the same traditions over and over again, year in year out. Are you looking to mix it up and try […]
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Panama Hat: Ecuador’s Exquisite Toquilla Palm Export

Everyone has heard of the Panama hat, but few know that they have never been made there (they were just very popular there!) and actually originate from Ecuador. Dashing, debonaire, and definitely […]
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The Galapagos Penguin: Endemic, Equatorial and Endangered

Charismatic and cute, the Galapagos Penguin (spheniscus mendiculus) is undoubtedly one of the most popular creatures on the planet. It is also one of the most unusual. Our rarest penguin, there’s believed […]
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Ecuador Amazon Rainforest Weather

For those planning an Amazon tour in Ecuador’s Oriente you are probably wondering when the best time to visit the Amazon in Ecuador is. Ecuador’s Amazon rainforest weather is determined by several […]
Alpacas Along The Inca Trail, The Andes Mountains
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10 Fun Facts About Llamas

Llamas may be a little intimidating up close but that doesn’t stop them from being absolutely adorable. These big, fluffy creatures can be found all over the world but are native to […]
Sally Lightfoot Crab On A Lava Rock Galapagos
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Top 10 Galapagos Islands Animals & Wildlife Spotting Tips

The Galapagos Islands’ animals, both on land and in the water, are exceedingly unique. Visiting this remote wildlife haven you will see highly-adapted species, some incredibly being endemic to individual Islands. Indeed the […]
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What Country Do The Galapagos Islands Belong To?

As one of the most remote island chains in the world, there can be some confusion over what country the Galapagos Islands belong to. This post will briefly recap the history of […]
Seals Sleeping On The Beach
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Galapagos Endemic Species List

The Galapagos are a veritable treasure trove when it comes to endemic species. Nowhere else on Earth can you find such a high concentration of unique wildlife. In fact, due to the […]
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Darwin’s Finches

Darwin Finches are a fascinating group of bird species that are endemic to the Galapagos Islands. As their name suggests, they are also closely intertwined with Charles Darwin, the renowned English naturalist […]
Tortoise with a leaf sticking out of his mouth
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Galapagos Tortoise Facts

Giant tortoises are synonymous with the Galapagos, being top of the “must-see” list of many visitors. In fact, the islands were named after the tortoises by the Spanish sailors who first discovered […]
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How Were the Galapagos Islands Formed

The Galapagos are a group of around 20 islands located far off the shore of Ecuador and home to an astonishingly beautiful and diverse collection of landscapes, flora and wildlife like nowhere […]
Flamingo Flying Galapagos
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Who Discovered the Galapagos Islands?

The Galapagos are most commonly associated with the famous English naturalist Charles Darwin, who set forth on the H.M.S Beagle in 1831 to observe, collect and document the islands’ many diverse and […]
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When Is The Best Time To Visit Galapagos?

The warm climate, sunny skies and remarkable wildlife encounters in the Galapagos Islands make them a fantastic year-round vacation option. There are so many reasons to visit, and the pleasant Galapagos weather […]
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Difference Between the Eastern and Western Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos Islands, renowned for their unique wildlife and other-worldly landscapes, top many traveler’s bucket lists. With numerous incredible species endemic to the archipelago, glistening waters filled with life and spectacular volcanic […]
Blue Footed Booby
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Top 7 Blue Footed Booby Facts

The Galapagos Islands are home to so many unique and fascinating wildlife species, and amongst the most famous are the blue-footed boobies. These charismatic birds are sure to catch your eye, and […]
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Scuba Diving Galapagos: The Ultimate Guide

The name “Galapagos Islands” alone evokes colorful images of the exotic species who call the archipelago home, a blend of Darwin’s blue-footed boobies, giant tortoises, sea lions, penguins and more, all set […]
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Galapagos Cruise Or Island Hopping?

There’s no doubt about it: Galapagos tours are a bucket list vacation most travelers hope to cross off one day. Offering gorgeous waters and shores covered in some of the world’s rarest […]
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Top 10 Quito Ecuador Tourist Attractions

Ecuador’s capital city of Quito sits high in the Andes, a pocket of colorful buildings, classic architecture, and rich history with plenty for any vacationer to Ecuador to explore. The new and […]
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Charles Darwin and the Galapagos Islands

When we hear the words “Galapagos Islands”, it’s almost impossible to not think of the name “Charles Darwin”. The English naturalist and geologist is well-known for his influential contributions to evolution theory, […]
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The 10 Best Things To Do In The Galapagos Islands

As your boat glides into the remote Galapagos Islands your adventure begins when you spot sleepy Galapagos sea lions and flightless birds awaiting your arrival. One of the most famous wildlife spotting […]
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Galapagos With Kids: A Family Travel Guide To The Islands

As a thoughtful parent, the idea of traveling to the Galapagos Islands with kids rightfully brings up a multitude of questions with regards, suitability, safety, family-friendly facilities and more. That’s why we’ve […]
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What To Pack For Galapagos: The Ideal Galapagos Packing List

Wondering what to pack for your Galapagos vacation? Whether you are taking a Galapagos cruise or island hopping, packing for Galapagos can be a little tricky, as the adventurous activities you’ll take […]
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How El Niño Affects The Galapagos Islands

If you have ever traveled to South America, you may have heard locals talking about the “El Niño” weather phenomenon, that’s makes some South American winters much warmer than usual. El Niño […]
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What Is The Best Time To Visit Ecuador?

Ecuador may be small in comparison to the large continent of South America, but its access to the Amazon Rainforest, Galapagos Islands cruise options, and interesting indigenous culture attract tourists every year […]
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15 Best Galapagos Islands To Visit

Visiting the Galapagos Islands is on many traveler’s bucket list and for good reason. This unique volcanic archipelago is a haven for breathtaking aquatic and terrestrial wildlife, each island a self-contained world […]
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Galapagos Islands Weather

Isolated in their unique setting in the middle of the tumultuous Pacific Ocean, the Galapagos Islands sit almost in the middle of nowhere, 600 miles from Ecuador, the country they are a […]
Port town in Galapagos
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How To Get To (And Around) The Galapagos Islands

The remote Galapagos Islands are an archipelago of volcanic islands located some 1000km west of the Ecuadorian mainland in the Pacific Ocean – indeed they are part of Ecuador – and are […]
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