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Ecuador Amazon Rainforest Weather


For those planning an Amazon tour in Ecuador’s Oriente you are probably wondering when the best time to visit the Amazon in Ecuador is. Ecuador’s Amazon rainforest weather is determined by several seasons throughout the year that can have a significant impact on your jungle trip. Here we take an in-depth look at the Ecuadorian Amazon’s weather and seasons to help you plan your vacation to Ecuador.

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Rainy Season (High Water Season)

From March to July, the Ecuadorian Amazon sees the most rainfall. This makes the vegetation lusher and water levels will be higher, meaning you will be able to explore the smaller tributaries of the region by boat. The temperature during this period drops to around 75°F, which is much more comfortable than the near 100°F temperatures the rainforest experiences at other times in the year. Yes, the high-water season experiences more rain, but this does not mean it will be raining all the time. The rain in the Amazon comes in bursts and will clear up at some point in the day. Given the relatively shallow waters of the Rio Napo, this is a better time for cruising in Ecuador’s Amazon region, as you have greater access to the forest.

Shoulder Season

From August until December, the rain comes more intermittently and the weather fluctuates on an hourly basis. This means you could have an entire morning and afternoon with no rain and then a sudden downpour in the evening followed by sunshine again. This season is the most unpredictable so it is in your best interest to take clothing for all situations. You may end up bringing more baggage than you anticipated, but it will be worth it to stay comfortable in the jungle.

Hiking Trail In National Park Podocarpus Ecuador

Hiking Trail In National Park Podocarpus, Ecuador

Dry Season (Low-Water Season)

There isn’t really any such thing as a dry season in the Amazon Rainforest, but usually, it rains less frequently from December until March. Throughout the spell of relatively dry weather, temperatures soar to around 95-100°F. Fortunately, it will still be raining from time to time, which alleviates some of the heat. During this season, water levels are lower, meaning that you will spend more time exploring the jungle on foot. The jungle trails that are filled with water during high-water season, are now empty, ready to be explored!

There is no right or wrong time to visit the Amazon Rainforest in Ecuador, it all comes down to personal preference. Rest assured that no matter when you choose to visit, whether on a cruise or a stay in a jungle lodge, you will still have the opportunity to see plenty of wildlife. Also, be aware that you will need to bring rain-suitable gear whenever you decide to come because you are guaranteed to encounter rain at some point. Without the rain, the rainforest wouldn’t have the emerald glow it maintains throughout the year.


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This entry was posted March 25, 2019
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