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10 Best Restaurants In Lima, Peru

Exterior Of The Rosa Nautica Restaurant In Miraflores

It’s been named South America’s Best Culinary Destination and the World’s Best Culinary Destination for several years in a row now: Lima, Peru is a feast for the palate of any traveler, home to many high-end restaurants touting celebrity chefs and innovative fusion, to low-key local favorites promising the freshest and most flavorful seafood you’ll ever dig into. But where exactly should you eat in Lima? To help travelers fuel their sightseeing activities and get a taste of traditional Peruvian food, we’ve compiled a list of the 10 best restaurants Lima, Peru:

1. Punto Azul

If delicious seafood in a bright atmosphere is what you’re after, Punto Azul is the place for you. This local lunchtime favorite offers colorful plates of ceviche and similar coastal Peruvian classics, right in the heart of Miraflores- and at a great price. Lines can be long, but it is always worth the wait. Make sure to sample the ceviche, tiradito tres colores, and arroz con mariscos. Pour a cold glass of chicha morada, and you will have had one of the best (and most classic) Peruvian lunches to be found in Lima. Please note that Punto Azul in Miraflores is closed for lunch on Monday.

2. La Mar

Owned by the famous Gaston Acurio, La Mar is a world-class cevicheria with a handful of locations throughout the world. It is the perfect intersection of sophisticated seafood to please foodies in a contemporary yet casual environment, and the service is some of the best in Lima. This restaurant is known for ceviche, but guests love the paella, catch of the day, and causa as well. Don’t be shy to ask your server for recommendations, and you can be sure to end up with exactly what you’re looking for.

3. Huaca Pucllana

If you haven’t already heard of Huaca Pucllana, you certainly won’t be able to miss it when you walk by. An ancient ruin nestled right in the heart of the modern Miraflores district, this pre-Inca structure should be a point of interest on every itinerary. What’s even better is that right within the site of this unique ruin sits a phenomenal restaurant. Come for an early dinner and watch the view transition as sunset leaves the ruins delicately illuminated by beautiful lights throughout. The fare at Huaca Pucllana features upscale version of Peruvian classic dishes, with favorites such as anticuchos, lomo saltado and ceviche. Call ahead to score a reservation, and ask for a table on the patio.

4. La Rosa Nautica

The most famous restaurant on Lima’s Costa Verde shore, La Rosa Nautica is situated on the Miraflores pier for an especially unique location. Indulge in Peruvian food and wine, with views of the ocean in every direction. While it certainly is on many tourist’s radar, it’s a Lima staple that most travelers don’t want to miss for the location alone.

5. Cala

Considered by many to be their favorite restaurant in Lima, Cala sits at the bottom of the cliffs of Barranco, one of just a couple of restaurants allowed to occupy the pristine shore. The elegant modern décor attracts an upscale crowd, yet it’s seaside location keeps the atmosphere laidback and relaxing. A great list of artfully-presented seafood (don’t miss the octopus) and Peruvian fusion will satisfy any foodie, and the wine list will give you a reason to stick around afterwards. During the week and earlier evenings, the bar is a very romantic spot to unwind to the sound of the crashing shore, yet transitions into one of Lima’s trendier places to see and be seen once the DJ gets started.

6. Panchita

Another of Gaston Acurio’s many beloved restaurants, Panchita focuses on hearty, homestyle fare (comida criolla). This is the best restaurant in Lima to try classics more local to the highland regions such as cuy, papas rellena, and delicious sopas. Of course, some simply love it for the trendy yet cozy atmosphere, and the wealth of dishes cooked in the giant woodburning oven (the swordfish is always a great choice).

7. Edo Sushi Bar

You may be wondering why a sushi spot is on our list of the best restaurants in Lima, but don’t disregard it just yet. Lima actually has a significant Japanese population, leading to a plethora of incredible sushi (Nobu himself trained here, at this very sushi bar). Many restaurants in Lima feature Nikkei cuisine (a fusion between Peruvian and Japanese), and you’ll find that influence at Edo, along with some reliable Japanese classics. We highly recommend the acevichado roll, but you can’t go wrong with anything you order at Edo. Plus, you’ll get impressive quality for a fraction of the price you would pay at home.

8. Central

Central is a must-visit culinary gem that stands at the forefront of the country’s gastronomic revolution. Led by renowned chef Virgilio Martínez, Central offers an exceptional dining experience that showcases Peru’s biodiversity and rich culinary heritage through its altitude-based tasting menus, where each exquisite and artfully presented dish represents a specific altitude zone in Peru and utilizes innovative, rare, and native ingredients sourced from their diverse ecosystems—from the coast to the highlands and the Amazon Rainforest. The dining experience is characterized by its impeccable service, elegant yet relaxed ambiance, and a deep appreciation for the country’s culinary traditions. It’s not just the best restaurant in Lima and South America, but has just been voted the best restaurant in the world in 2023.

9. Maido

Maido is the ultimate representation of a fusion restaurant, combining Peruvian flavors and ingredients with refreshing Japanese elements. The marriage of flavor and techniques is what has crowned Maido as the top restaurant in Latin America and the 6th best restaurant in the entire world (as rated by the Worlds 50 Best). This establishment is so popular you have to book a whopping 60 days in advance but after their 11 course tasting menu experience we can promise you it is worth the wait. This well anticipated dinner is even better when combined with the diverse wine pairing menu. Be sure to look up and check out the countless rows of ropes hanging above you, colored specifically in the formation of the Japanese flag.

10. Kjolle

Situated above her more famous husband Virgilio Martínez’s restaurant Central, Chef Pia León’s equally exceptional Kjolle (pronounced ‘koy-ay’) restaurant similarly uses scientific research, knowledge and methods to explore the ingredients from its magical South American surroundings. Kjolle brings light to established and unconventional ingredients executing some of the most beautiful dishes you can find in Peru. If you are interested in tantalizing your tastebuds you can have a taste of León’s magic between 12:00 and 14:00 for a lunch service or between 20:00 and 22:00 for the evening’s dinner service.

Choosing the best restaurants in Lima isn’t easy when it seems every street boasts an unforgettable meal, but this will give you a place to start. Better yet, we hope this will help you break into Lima’s exploding foodie scene, and see what all the fuss is about for yourself.


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