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When Is The Best Time To Visit The Amazon Rainforest In Brazil?

Cumulus clouds, Rio Negro, Manaus

The Brazilian Amazon is the largest area of the Amazon Rainforest – with almost 60% of the entire Rainforest in Brazil. You can access this part of the Amazon by traveling to Manaus, a city that is located in the middle of the Amazon and is easy to get to by plane, air, or boat, by taking a Brazillian river cruise.

Brazil is said to have the greatest biodiversity on the planet, with around one-tenth of all the species in the world in the Brazilian Amazon. Amazingly, around two-thirds of all species in the world are found in tropical areas like the Brazilian Amazon – second only to Indonesia’s tropical climate. If you are planning a Brazilian Amazon tour then you are probably wondering when is the best time to visit the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil, so let’s find out.

Ceiba Tree With More Than 40 Meters

A Sumauma Tree,(Also Known As Ceiba) With More Than 40 Meters

The Seasons of the Brazilian Amazon

The first thing to know about the tropical climate of the Brazilian Amazon is that it has just two seasons – the wet, or rainy, season (also known as flooding) and the dry season. The equator runs through the Amazon and it has low elevation, so the weather here varies greatly from the rest of the vast country of Brazil. The wet season typically runs from January to June, although because the region is so vast this can sometimes fluctuate and the dry season usually occurs between July and December.

The plants and wildlife of the Amazon Rainforest have evolved and adapted to the dramatic changes between the two seasons, particularly the heavy rainfall and flooding. Some of the trees in the Rainforest have even developed bark that doesn’t rot! Many of the trees, like the Buttress Trees, use their large roots to anchor them to the ground, stopping them from falling over during the flooding, and allowing them consistently gather the nutrients they need to survive in these conditions.

Aerial Helicopter Panorama Of Botafogo Bay

The Weather in the Brazilian Amazon

The temperature in the Brazilian Amazon doesn’t change too much throughout the year – averaging around 30°C. Believe it or not, it rarely gets much hotter than this, despite common perceptions and its proximity to the equator. This is unlike the rest of Brazil, like Rio de Janeiro, which can easily surpass 40°C in the summer season. The best time to explore the Amazon is in June just after the rainy season, when the Amazon is still flooded, so looks beautiful, but the rain has stopped.


Aerial View Of Mist, Cloud And Fog During The Rainy Season

Brazilian Amazon Rainy Season

Running from January to June, during these months you will usually see literal flooding of the Amazon Rainforest. While it doesn’t rain every day – the showers usually burst in and out of sunshine-filled days – be prepared to get very wet. Monthly rainfall is usually around 33 cm per month. While it doesn’t get cold by any means, during this season temperatures can drop to the lowest they get in this region, to around 27°C, which is slightly less humid than the dry season.

Most of the rain falls at the mouth of the Amazon, close to the city of Belém, and in the upper parts of the Amazonia, flooding the Amazon River. During this season inhabitants have to use boats to travel around the Amazon, so this would be your mode of transport too if you plan to travel during this time. Unbelievably, the Rainforest sees so much rain during this period that the Amazon River can rise and fall by as much as 12 meters.

Brazilian Amazon Dry Season 

The dry season is from July to December. During this time the waters have dried up and the Amazon looks entirely different. Not only does the Brazilian Amazon look different during this season, but it also feels different, with some of the hottest and most humid months in this region. However, just because the season is called the “dry” season, it doesn’t mean there will be no rain, an average of around 5 cm per month of rain still falls during this season.

This season does, however, bring lots of surprises to the Amazon, like its creation of white sandy beaches along the river banks. An Amazon river cruise will pass by a number of these beautiful beaches on the Rio Negro, a unique view of the Amazon Rainforest that most travelers won’t expect. During this season you no longer need to navigate the Rainforest in a canoe or boat and are able to hike or walk the paths. There are also fewer mosquitoes during this season, making it an ideal time to travel.

By now you should have a better idea of when to go to the Amazon Rainforest of Brazil, but if you have any more questions then our travel specialists will be happy to help.


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