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Brazil Amazon Adventure

A Brazilian Amazon adventure including hiking, kayaking, and wildlife observation opportunities.


On this ‘Amazon Adventures in Brazil’ tour, you will experience the legendary Amazon, which is the world’s largest river basin and the planet’s greatest rainforest. Within the Amazon Basin resides a wealth of life richer than any place else on Earth, and millions of species still remain undiscovered. Your adventure begins with a tour of the historic city and port of Manaus, followed by a bird and wildlife spotting cruise through the Negro and Amazon rivers, with boat excursions and walking tours, concluding with a sighting of the famous river confluence known as ‘The Meeting of the Waters’.


Start your Amazon Adventure Tour, Brazil, in the jungle city of Manaus, which is the main gateway to adventures in the Brazilian Amazon. The old historical center is a living testimony to a bygone age when the city was the focal point of a rubber boom at the end of the 19th century. The port is located on the dark waters of the Negro River, just east of where it meets the muddy waters of the Solimões River to form the mighty Amazon.

Tour this historic city and learn about its role in the colonization of South America by various European countries, and its rise and fall during the rubber boom era. Visit the Amazonas Theater, which is lauded as one of the most beautiful opera houses in the world. See the Largo de São Sebastião, one of the city’s main squares, the Provincial Palace and the State of Amazonas Art Gallery. Explore the Municipal Market, the colonial architecture of the city, the floating port area of Manaus, and the Rio Negro Palace.

Your Amazon Cruise

Join the Grand Amazon cruise ship, and prepare for an exciting luxury journey along the Negro and Amazon rivers. Wake up at Janauacá Lake, explore by boat and follow the marked trails of the rainforest, keeping your eyes peeled for jungle birds and pink river dolphins. Visit the home of a local Caboclo, and see some of the traditional handicrafts of the area. Continue to the Manaquiri region, explore the closed-in streams, spot the birds, native plants, trees and wildlife in this richly biodiverse jungle, and try your hand at fishing for piranha.

Watch the sunrise over the jungle and the Manacapuru River. Take a photo safari by boat through the narrow waterways, or head out on a jungle walk. Visit a regional houseboat on Lake Janauari, see more of the local crafts. Take a short walking tour of the Lake Janauari Ecological Park and count how many species of birds you can spot.

The Meeting of the Waters

Witness the extraordinary sight of the two-toned confluence of two massive Amazon tributaries, where the dark waters of the Negro River meet the muddy waters of the Solimões River to form the mighty Amazon. This meeting point is known as the “Meeting of the Waters,” which is a natural phenomenon where the two rivers run side by side for more than three miles without mixing.

This is a short tour that you can enjoy with your partner, your children, or with friends. The featured activities and accommodations can be tailored to suit your personal wishes. The city tour is conducted on a private basis (private transport with a private guide), while the cruise portion is on a shared basis with other passengers.

Itinerary & Prices

All itineraries are subject to change due to seasonal weather conditions (and resultant variations in river and tributary water levels) affecting accessibility to locations. Thus navigation routes, times and excursions may need to be modified at the cruise captain’s or your guide's discretion.

6 Day - Brazil Amazon Adventure
itinerary map

Welcome to Manaus!

Upon arrival at the airport, you are met and transferred to your comfortable hotel.

Manaus is located right in the middle of the world’s largest rainforest and was founded when the Portuguese needed a base from which to defend their claim on the surrounding area from the Dutch who were based in what is now modern-day Suriname. Manaus became known worldwide as a city in the 19th Century with the Rubber Boom, and at the time was amongst the richest cities in the world.

These riches prompted extravagant spending, and a series of one-upmanship from rubber barons left a legacy of marble-clad buildings and huge estates that soon fell into disrepair once the rubber boom ended. Modern-day Manaus is a testament to this fascinating period in South America, and any visit to the Amazon in Brazil should include a stay in Manaus in order to understand modern-day man’s impact and interaction with the surrounding rainforest.

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Manaus gateway to the amazon sunset
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Manaus City Tour

Today, we pick you up from your hotel for your city tour of Manaus. We will learn about the rich history of this jungle city, its role in the colonization of South America by various European countries, and its rise and fall during the rubber boom era.

We begin with a visit to the Amazonas Theater, the best example of construction that encapsulates the extravagance and opulence of the rubber boom era. Better known in English as the Opera House, this astonishingly grandiose building fell into disrepair for many years, but now once again hosts operas from all over the world. Home of the Amazonas Philharmonic Orchestra, it was listed by Vogue Magazine as one of the most beautiful Opera Houses in the world. From there, we take a short walk to visit the Largo de São Sebastião, one of the city’s main squares, followed by a tour through old Manaus and Paço da Liberdade.
Next, we visit the Provincial palace and the State of Amazonas art gallery, followed by a quick stop in a museum full of artifacts from the Amazon region.

We take a slightly livelier turn next and visit the Municipal Market, named the “Adolpho Lisboa”, a building as colorful as the Amazonian fruits, spices, and souvenirs sold there. En route, we pass several fantastic examples of Colonial architecture, particularly the buildings of Alfândega and Guardamoria. We end our day by making a visit to the floating port area of Manaus, and a visit to the Rio Negro Palace, and a stroll back to our transport via the water’s edge.

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Manaus beach rio negro
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Cruise Embarkation

AM: Enjoy breakfast in your hotel and spend the morning at your leisure, before meeting us this afternoon at the cruise port, for the beginning of your long-awaited Amazon cruise!

PM: We embark on the Grand Amazon in the Port of Manaus in the late afternoon and then, after settling into our luxurious cabins, we can watch the sunset from the top deck as the boat begins sailing on the Amazon.

Tonight, the crew welcomes you aboard with a cocktail, followed by a delicious dinner. This is your first opportunity to take advantage of the ship’s open bar policy!

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Embark the Amazon Cruise Iberostar
Iberostar Amazon Cruise
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Lake Janauacá & Manaquiri

AM: We wake up at Janauacá Lake. If you are up early, there is a Sunrise Lovers’ continental breakfast on the Upper Deck, where you can enjoy the early morning atmosphere. Otherwise, you can enjoy the buffet spread in the Kuarup Restaurant.

After breakfast, we make exploration by skiff and along marked trails of the rainforest, keeping our eyes open for jungle birds and Pink River Dolphins. There should be countless photo opportunities. We also stop at the home of a local Caboclo, to gain insight into human life in the Amazon, and perhaps purchase some of the traditional handicrafts. Later back on board there will be a lecture on Amazon Fruits in the Lua Salon.

PM: In the afternoon, we continue to the Manaquiri Region, for an excursion by skiff through the closed-in streams. It is a great opportunity for spotting some of the flora and fauna of the Amazon and a chance to try your skills at fishing for piranha!

We are welcomed back on board with live music on the upper deck. And then, after dinner, we can go on a night tour, spotting caiman along the river banks, using spotlights, while listening to the night sounds of the jungle.

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Feeding pink river dolphins
Iberostar Amazon Cruise
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Rio Manacapuru & Lake Janauari

AM: This morning the Grand Amazon enters the Manacapuru River and, for the early risers, there is a chance to go birding in the skiffs, as the sun rises over the beautiful jungle. After breakfast, we board the expedition skiffs for a photo safari through the narrow waterways of the region, where the vegetation overhangs the water, or head out on a jungle walk adventure. Upon returning to the boat we can enjoy a lecture on Amazon People and Culture.

PM: After lunch and a rest, we head to Lake Janauari, where we have the chance to visit a regional houseboat, get to know the local crafts, and take a short walking tour of the region. We wait until dusk before returning to the cruise boat as it is a great time to spot numerous species – especially birds – in large quantities.

This evening there is a farewell dinner, in the Kuarup Restaurant, and a Folklore Show in the Lua Salon as we celebrate the sights we have seen and friends we have made over the last few days.

Meals: (B, L, D)

Sunset Skiff Ride
Iberostar Amazon Cruise
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AM: We wake up early to see the fascinating phenomenon known as the Meeting of the Waters at sunrise. This is the point where the black waters of the Rio Negro and the brown waters of the Solimoes meet – but don’t mix. Don’t worry, continental breakfast will be available!

We then continue to the port of Manaus, for disembarkation.

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Sunset over the Amazon
Return Home
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