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Easter Island Cuisine: Traditional Food & Drink You Must Try

Easter Island Cuisine-Main-Lunch in Akivi-Explora-Rapa-Nui

Located a little more than 2,000 miles off the coast of Chile, Easter Island offers many seafood dishes in addition to some more traditional dishes. Visiting the island means there is plenty of opportunities to experience Easter Island cuisine. Here are the must-try food and drinks you should enjoy when visiting Easter Island.

Easter Island Cuisine-Umu Rapa Nui

Umu Rapa Nui

Umu Rapa Nui

After a long day of exploring, you do not want to miss out on the must-have food experiences, including the most traditional of all dishes – Umu Rapa Nui. This dish is the island’s version of Chilean curanto, which many locals serve on special occasions. This dish is one of the most popular Easter Island traditional food items; umu is an assortment of meats, fish, vegetables, and potatoes cooked over volcanic rocks inside a hole in the ground.

The restaurant Te Ra’ai offers Umu Rapa Nui using this menu item’s traditional preparation method along with a traditional dinner show.


Beautiful Tuna Ahi Dish from Easter Island

Tuna Ahi

Another island tradition is Tuna Ahi, freshly caught fish cooked over red-hot volcanic stones near the shoreline. This method has been used for generations to cook fish and is a must-try dining experience when visiting Easter Island. Though an abundance of seafood is available to cook using this method, tuna is the most popular fish and is often used as the main ingredient in many Easter Island cuisine creations.

Tuna Ceviche

Tuna Ceviche, Fresh Tuna Tartar With Salt And Herbs

Tuna Ceviche

This dish represents a commonly prepared menu item inspired by the current cuisine trends of the island. The tuna ceviche is cooked with coconut milk and accompanied by a fried sweet potato. The dressing for this dish varies but is often accompanied by a lemon and chili sauce.

The restaurant Tataku Vave offers various seafood cuisine options, including sesame encrusted tuna and Tuna Ceviche. Those looking for ceviche, pizza, and a relaxed atmosphere will find it at Hani Hani Tuna Ahi & Bar.

Pineapple,From,Chile Easter,Island

PIneapples From Easter Island, Chile

Easter Island Fruits

Though many of the traditional meals on Easter Island use seafood and meat, there are some vegan options for visitors to enjoy. Common fruits grown on Easter Island include coconuts, mangoes, avocados, pineapples, plantains, guava, and custard apples. Many fresh, local fruits, especially plantains, are available on restaurant menus, either fried or cooked.

Ice creamd and the Pacific Ocean

Local Icecream In The Easter Island

Handmade Ice Cream

Handmade ice cream is made with local Rapa Nui products, such as guava, mango, pineapple, and passion fruit. Ice cream parlors throughout the island offer popular flavors and some creations of their own. Popular ice cream parlors to visit on Easter Island include Mikafé, Mahute, and Vaikava.


Michelada is a beer served with lemonade in frosty mugs lined with salt and chili on the rim. Michelada is a must-try beer, especially when enjoying simple cuisine items, such as sandwiches and fajitas. The restaurant Tumu Vida Sana serves this unique beer, along with simple and less expensive food options.

When visiting Easter Island, make sure to take in the local Polynesian culture and experience the many traditional cuisine items. The cuisine choices offer a look into the culture, along with a fun, festive atmosphere.


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