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The definitive Chile travel guide with expert tips, advice and ideas for planning a trip to Chile for the most rewarding of Chile vacations.

Moai Statues At Rapa Nui National Park
  • Inspiration

Easter Island Honeymoon: A Romantic Guide To Rapa Nui

Want to step off the beaten path for your honeymoon? Easter Island is one of the most remote inhabited single islands in the world, and perhaps the most mystical of them all. […]
Kid Enjoying Natura On Easter Island
  • Tips

How To Visit Easter Island With Kids

The remote and mysterious Easter Island is a tiny dot in the middle of the South Pacific, halfway between Chile and Tahiti. A dot with a lot of super cool statues. Easter […]
Sunset And Moai At Easter Island
  • Tips

What To See On Easter Islands: 9 Main Tourist Attractions

A place that has baffled historians and archaeologists for decades, Easter Island is famous for its 887 extant monumental statues, called moai, created by the early Rapa Nui people. In 1995, it […]
The Ancient Moai Of Ahu Togariki On Easter Island
  • Tips

8 Best Easter Island Hotels For An Unforgettable Stay

For a relatively small island, Rapa Nui has a lot of accommodation options. In fact, it can be quite daunting trying to figure out where to stay on Easter Island. There are […]
Special Lunch Ahu Akivi By Explora
  • Tips

16 Best Things To Do In Easter Island

Located at the far eastern point of Polynesia in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, Rapa Nui is a place that has long been shrouded in mystery. For decades the allure of […]
Easter Island
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11 Best Places To Visit On Easter Island

Easter Island, a small volcanic island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, is world-famous for its giant ‘moai’ statues, which were built during the 13th – 16th centuries by the island’s […]
Easter Island
  • Tips

When Is The Best Time To Visit Easter Island?

One of the world’s most enigmatic and intriguing places, Easter Island or Rapa Nui covers approximately 64 square miles in the South Pacific Ocean and is located some 2,300 miles from Chile’s […]
Couple Looking At The Sea, Tayrona National Park Tropical, Colombia
  • Inspiration

South America Honeymoon: Dream Destinations & Inspiration

South America presents an unrivaled combination of adventure and indulgence. With everything from romantic candlelit dinners under the stars to remote jungle trails; exciting cities to enchanting colonial towns; far-flung islands to […]
Happy Family Enjoying The View In the Sacred valley Of The Incas In Cusco - Peru
  • Tips

7 Best Family Destinations In South America

Soaring mountains, incredible wildlife and beaches, historical remains, the greatest natural and manmade wonders in the world, and spectacular cultural highlights from food to art, South America is a perfect destination for […]
  • Cuisine

Best Food In South America? 12 Must-Try Specialty Dishes

One of the strongest arguments in favor of vacationing in South America is to have the chance at sampling is fascinating specialty dishes high in colors and flavors. The cuisine has numerous […]
couple dancing tango in buenos aires, argentina
  • Inspiration

Top 10 South America Tourist Attractions You Have To See

South America is a continent of contrasting landscapes, featuring the highest, the driest, the largest, the deepest, the rarest, and more… If planning a vacation to South America, below please find our […]
Valle Vitivinicola
  • Inspiration

Chile Honeymoon Guide: Ideas, Tips, Hotels & Destinations

Chile is a country where all the world’s climatic and topographical variations are represented in a thin ribbon of land tucked between the Pacific Ocean on the west and the Andes on […]
Santiago De Chile
  • Tips

Chile With Kids: Top 5 Things To Do With Family

From the kid-friendly museums and parks of Santiago to the lush rainforests and ancient terrain of the Huilo-Huilo Biological Reserve, to the extraordinary Atacama Desert, and parts of the Tierra del Fuego, […]
Cazuela Chilena
  • Cuisine

Chile Food: 17 Traditional Chilean Dishes You Must Try

Traditional Chilean food is a mix of ingredients and dishes from the indigenous Mapuche and the Spanish. The cuisine is not only delicious, but it’s also about as diverse cuisine as everything […]
Viña Del Mar
  • Inspiration

Top 10 Chile Tourist Attractions You Must See

Squeezed between the Andes and the Pacific, and boasting one of the planet’s most diverse landscapes, Chile is the longest country in the world. It is never more than 112 miles wide, […]
Santiago De Chile
  • Tips

The 6 Best Hotels In Chile

Most of the best hotels in Chile are independent home-grown affairs with a strong sense of place, where you can generally expect good wine, good service, and a high level of English […]
Landscape Of The Atacama Desert
  • Inspiration

The 17 Best Things To Do In Chile

From Santiago’s rich cultural scenes and Valparaíso’s fascinating art, to an abundance of superb national parks and conservation areas, to the overwhelming wilderness of Patagonia, and some sensational natural monuments such as […]
  • Inspiration

6 Best Places To Visit In Chile

Chile is a country of extremes; its long and narrow shape can make traveling the country a little challenging, so embrace the slow adventure, take your time and open your heart and […]
  • Tips

When Is The Best Time To Visit Chile?

The weather varies greatly throughout Chile due to its geography, its extreme range of altitudes, and its skinny elongated shape, which stretches 2,653 miles north to south. It is, after all, the […]
Easter Island Cuisine-Main-Lunch in Akivi-Explora-Rapa-Nui
  • Cuisine

Easter Island Cuisine: Traditional Food & Drink You Must Try

Located a little more than 2,000 miles off the coast of Chile, Easter Island offers many seafood dishes in addition to some more traditional dishes. Visiting the island means there is plenty […]
  • Inspiration

7 Best Paces To Visit In Santiago De Chile

Cradled in a basin between the Andes and the Chilean Coastal Range, with the Pacific Ocean to the West, lies Chile’s astonishing capital city: Santiago. Also known as Santiago de Chile, this […]
Alpacas Along The Inca Trail, The Andes Mountains
  • Nature

10 Fun Facts About Llamas

Llamas may be a little intimidating up close but that doesn’t stop them from being absolutely adorable. These big, fluffy creatures can be found all over the world but are native to […]
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