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Amaz – Taste Traditional Amazonian Cuisine in Lima 

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Lima is home to a huge selection of the 50 best restaurants in the world, such as Maido and Central. However, if you want to taste true Amazonian food far from the heart of the jungle, Chef Pedro Miguel Schiaffino's restaurant 'Amaz' in Lima (marking number 48 on the list), makes this possible. Wielding his knowledge of the Peruvian jungle's exotic ingredients, he has brought new life to the cuisine scene in Lima with his astounding restaurants Amaz and Malabar.

Image Source: Amaz /

Image Source: Amaz /

Amaz Restaurant - Lima

First of all, let's talk about the interior shall we? The restaurant itself is adorned with collections of different creations from wooden stools taken straight from the Amazon rainforest, to huge overhanging flowers that encapsulate the centered bar on the first floor. Surprising and fresh fruits will catch your eye, dotted around over traditional Peruvian Amazon tableware. You are curious, tantalized and visually stimulated from the moment you arrive. As you venture towards the upper floor of the eatery, you discover intimate tables and private booths, clouded by light fabric vales just waiting to be unwrapped. The experience begins long before you open a menu, but that's the most exciting part by far, right?

Image Source: Amaz /

Image Source: Amaz /

The cuisine in Amaz is undoubtedly something to be desired, and a must-try for people with a little time in Lima. Seemingly endless menus contain a plethora of interesting dishes - we recommend visiting with the biggest group of people possible, giving you the chance to tapas-style these traditional Amazonian dishes. You really won't want to leave having missed out. From the hearty Amazonian snails, coconut rice, plantains, churos, wild boar, saltado ice cream and rib chorizo tasting menu, you will struggle to minimize your order from 'just get me one of everything!'.

The waiters and service is impeccable - ask them to recommend you a wine for your dishes. The stunning options of South American vinos will have your tastebuds thanking you and your food singing on the plate. Don't like wine? Don't worry, the cocktails are stunning too - with personalized printed Amaz ice cubes for the best insta-worthy drinks you can find in Lima.

Image Source: Amaz /

Image Source: Amaz /

For those of you who are brave enough, you can request the chili sauces, or even the fresh chilis from the jungle stored in jars like pickles. Take our advice, this is not something to play around with if you don't like spice, but for those of you that enjoy adding a little fire to your dining experience, it is 100% a winner. You can try them separately or add them to your dishes for a complimentary kick.

Dishes are somewhat of a surprise in Amaz, as many are cooked as they would be conventionally in the jungle - wrapped up in bijao leaves. Bijao leaves, or banana leaves, are used to wrap many ingredients together, before steaming, boiling, barbecuing or occasionally frying. These types of leaves come from Amazonian palm trees, and as they hold together beautiful ingredients, the cooking process allows the release of their natural oils. This element changes a dish from great to glorious; the oils are released and unite with the complex seasonings for a fragrance unlike any other. As you unlatch the leaves from their bindings, the smells of the Amazon release from the individual packages, leaving you even hungrier for what you find inside... Most commonly, leaves will be used as cooking parcels for various types of white fish, rice or tamale.

Image Source: Umami Inspiration /

Image Source: Umami Inspiration /

Pedro Miguel Schiaffino

Señor Pedro Miguel is the owner and mastermind behind restaurants Amaz and Malabar in Peru's capital city, Lima. He has been critically acclaimed for his dynamic rainforest-to-table cuisine and is valued by both the gastronomic world and the South American community. Pedro was born in Lima, trained in Italy and finessed as professional chef in the Peruvian Amazon. Always consciously addressing sustainability in his work, he travels back and forth from the jungle to harness the best it has to offer, whilst respecting the indigenous communities and their challenges, stating he is "humbled to be given a platform to help people see the Amazon differently."

This year, chef, humanitarian and conservationist, Pedro Miguel Schiaffino is achieving even more recognition as he receives the Latin American icon award (awarded officially as the American Express Icon Award 2019). This is scheduled to be bestowed upon the chef for his efforts to raise awareness and create positive change; taking place in October of this year, at the Latin America's 50 Best Restaurant awards in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Experience Gastronomical Greatness

If you are looking to experience Amaz or Malabar during your stay in Lima, please contact our sales team by sending us an enquiry or giving us a call at 1-888-215-355 to ensure you have enough time before, or after your Amazon cruise to do so. We will arrange all the details and do all the hard parts for you. If you simply can't get enough, or can't find the additional time to stay in Lima for a while, you can even cruise with Pedro Miguel Schiaffino! Thats right - Pedro is the official executive chef for the Aria Amazon and Aqua Nera boats in Peru. This way you can taste the very best of his refined dishes, all whilst cruising along the beautiful Amazon river, with Rainforest Cruises.

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