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Casa de Fierro Restaurant in Iquitos, Peru

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If you’re one of those culinary traveler types — or if you just like eating well — then you’ll have a good time exploring the restaurants of Iquitos. The fish is fresh, the ají de cocona is perfectly picante, and the overall gastronomic standard seems higher than average for Peru. When afternoon drinks need to transform into something more solid, none better than the balcony of the city’s newest restaurant, La Casa de Fierro Restaurant to get one of the best views of the city.

The Casa de Fierro Restaurant

Casa de Fierro Restaurant

Located in the Main Plaza of Iquitos, at the junction of Próspero and Putumayo streets, is a large iron residence built during the rubber boom at the end of the nineteenth century. This is a great stop for those who are visiting the city of Iquitos before venturing on one of our Amazon Cruises to the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve. The Casa de Fierro is one of the finest best-preserved samples of civil architecture in Peru. The walls, ceiling, and balcony are plastered in rectangular sheets of iron. It is said to be the first prefabricated house in the Americas. Although popularly said to have been designed by the French architect Gustave Eiffel, there is no evidence that this is true. The unsubstantiated claims say it was built in the Belgian workshops of Les Forges D´Aiseau. Rubber baron Anselmo del Aguila bought it at the International Exposition of Paris in 1889. Once dismantled, it was brought in pieces to Iquitos (the metal sheets were carried by hundreds of men through the jungle), and assembled there in 1890. It is said that hundreds of men carried the iron parts through the jungle to its current location.

Casa de Fierro Iquitos Peru

The house, now beautifully restored and brought back to life, boasts stained wood panels that are naturally combined with the heavy steal to create an ambiance unseen in the remote destination until now. The second floor of the The Casa de Fierro brings to Iquitos a very new dining option to the map. The menu full of exotic delicacies and regional food prepared with a passion for the food. The chef locally sourced creates Chonta or palm tree heart salad is a delicious entrée. Plantains are ever present in the main dishes, like grilled banana plantains (tacacho) with deep-fried pork (cecina) served with chopped. Currently, the dish of choice at the Casa de Fierro restaurant is the Chaufa con Cecina, but there are some strong competitors. The restaurant also offers special options for vegetarians and those preparing on a Ayahuasca Diet.

Casa de Fierro
Restaurants in Iquitos

The city of Iquitos provides an array of fantastic dining options to fit any budget, however when looking for something truly genuine with some of the finest Amazonian offerings. The Casa de Fierro Restaurant is sure to satisfy even the hardest of critics. We credit Rodolfo Munoz and Iriana VonBancels who have worked the last few months day and night to make their vision come true. With its fair share of obstacles and anecdotes they finally opened its doors this past month.

The best seat in the house is definitely the balcony after 5pm, the soft breeze with the view of a bustling Iquitos is very popular, the perfect opportunity to enjoy a Pisco Sour. The main dining area with air conditioning is large enough to fit groups up to 70. Soon to be featured with the finest culinary options in Peru, the Casa de Fierro Restaurant is a definite must when visiting Iquitos. Bon Appetit and Safe Travels! For more information about the Casa de Fierro Restaurant in Iquitos, or booking an Amazon River Cruise, please contact us or call 1-888-215-3555.

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