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Hoi An Vietnam

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Hoi An is an ancient town located in central Vietnam, in the exciting Quảng Nam Province. In English, the meaning of Hoi An translates to ‘peaceful meeting place’, however some countries in Europe will refer to this unique location as ‘Faifo’, a word which has been derived from the Vietnamese nickname for the city, ‘Hoi-Pho’. This certified UNESCO World Heritage Site is a well-preserved blend of foreign and native influences just waiting to be explored…  

Hoi An Vietnam

What Is There To Discover in Hoi An?

Venturing through Hoi An city you will discover a wealth of historical artifacts, museums, buildings, old structures, ancient towns and more. Without a doubt the most famous and unmissable landmark of Hoi An is the Japanese covered bridge. This bridge was implemented into Vietnamese culture in the 16th-17th century. This build was used as a link to unite the Japanese and Chinese quarters in Vietnam, allowing communities to reach one another across the water. Opened officially in 1719 by Nguyen Phuc Chu Lord, the bridge has stood solidly ever since, currently making it the top pick for tourists in the area today. Strong foundations were put in place due to the extreme earthquake conditions and despite renovation work in 1986, the design of the bridge has stayed very true to its original Japanese architecture, adorned with the sculptures of monkeys and dogs. 

Japanese Bridge

The aforementioned animals were used for multitudinous representation; firstly for the Chinese years in which the Japanese Emperors were born and secondly to mark the construction of the bridge - the beginning in the year of the dog and the completion in the year of the monkey. These animals are used to guard each end of the stunning 60 foot long red bridge. Despite the seasonal weather changes in Hoi An the bridge has a very well preserved pagoda style roof as one of it’s more noticeable features, meaning you can visit all year round regardless of heat or rain! In addition for those of you visiting, this location also has no known entry restrictions or dress code.

Hoi An

Weather in Hoi An will determine where and what you can visit in certain areas. Specifically, the Cù lao Cham islands are only guaranteed to be accessible during the hot and dry season (unsurprisingly the high season for domestic tourism). The Cham islands consist of eight islands, possessing an outstanding collection of granite islands, unbeatable views full of white sand beaches, fishing villages and rich marine life; this section of Southeast Asia has gained recognition as one of Vietnam’s national scenic sites and is recognized by UNESCO as a world Biosphere Reserve. The Cham Islands are approachable from Cura Dai beach where tourists can take a chance to snorkel, camp, swim or scuba dive. Other extraordinary beaches in the vicinity such as Bang Beach will also receive a lot of attention during this short period from May to August. The communities in these areas make for a very welcoming stay and even encourage the surfers among us to get out and about in the waves from September to March.

Hoi An Lanterns

Hoi An History and Culture 

Hoi An city was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1999 due to the well-preserved trading ports that served as a huge part of the community from the 15th to 19th century. Hoi An is famous not only for its trade, stunning beaches and museums but also for its cuisine! The mix of cultural influences have given this city a distinctive regional flavor to their cuisine that simple cannot be bypassed. The signature dish of the city is known as cao lau; a yummy braised pork dish incorporating noodles and greens. You will find tons of cooking classes all over the city - learn how to prep and cook like the locals if you want to take home something a little different to your typical tourist souvenir. 

The Hoi An Lantern Festival is another intrinsically special attraction worth visiting if you get the chance. This festival is organised on a monthly basis to celebrate the full moon - event nights will be thrilling, historic, beautiful and anything but tranquil. This is a spectacular time to take out your camera for some scenic shots, enjoy the local street food in the bustling streets and capture the almost tangible energy of the residents of Vietnam.

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How Do I Get To Hoi An?

Whether you are chasing the historic jewels or the delicious street food, our amazing Mekong cruise journeys offer land tour extensions for Hoi An and other exhilarating locations across Vietnam and Southeast Asia. Please don’t hesitate to contact our team here at Rainforest Cruises for more information! We will handle all of your requests as best as we possibly can to accommodate you and your travel companions. Please show your interest by sending us an enquiry or calling 1-888-215-3555.

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