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How to Get to Iquitos City

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No place on earth compares to the Peruvian Amazon; it is one of the largest untouched stretches of rainforest in South America, and offers you the chance to experience an Amazon cruise like no other. Part of what makes this region so unique is its isolation from the rest of the world. In order to reach Iquitos – your starting point for a cruise to the Amazon – you will have to fly or boat in; there are no roads to the outside world. Iquitos and nearby Nauta are the spots where your Amazon river tour will begin.


Flying to Lima and Iquitos

Not unsurprisingly, most visitors to this region will choose to fly into Iquitos, although some may choose Amazon River travel instead. Because of the diversity of life in the Peruvian Amazon, any time is the best time to go to Peru to experience the rainforest. 

View from Miraflores, Lima, Peru

View from Miraflores, Lima, Peru


If you are arriving from outside of Peru on an international flight, you will probably be looking for a flight that connects you with Lima; this will provide you with the link you need to get to Iquitos, Peru. Keep in mind that not all flights to Lima will be direct, and that you may have stopovers. Direct flights are also more expensive than those that have connections. You will be arriving at the Jorge Chavez International Airport. Expansion and renovation of the airport has made Jorge Chavez the best airport in South America, with all the amenities you expect in modern air transportation.


Direct Flights to Lima from North America

North American visitors will depart from New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Houston, Atlanta, Toronto, and Mexico – these cities all offer direct flights to Lima. Air Canada flies direct to Lima from Toronto, the flight is 8 hours long, with no time change. Flying direct to Lima from the US ranges between a 6-9 hour flight, depending where you depart from. The airlines that fly direct to Lima are: American Airlines, United, Delta, LAN and Avianca.


Direct Flights to Lima from Europe

Travelers from Europe who are planning an Amazon trip will find that direct flights to Lima are available from a number of cities: Paris, Amsterdam, and Madrid. Flights with connections are also available at these locales. KLM flies 12 hours direct to Lima from Amsterdam, while Air France will take you from Paris. Madrid operates with Iberia, LAN and Air Europa.


Iquitos City Square

Iquitos City Square


Flights to Lima from Far East and Oceana 

There are no direct flights to Lima from the Far East or Oceana; if you are departing from these areas, you will have to use connecting flights through European or American airports.


Direct Flights to Lima and Iquitos from South America

Direct flights to Iquitos are available from points not only in Peru, but also from airports in Central and South America. Residents, or travelers already in the region, can get a direct flight from various cities in Peru, or from Panama City, Panama with COPA airlines. Colombia offers irregularly scheduled flights to Iquitos from Leticia or Yurimaguas.


The airlines that provide flights to Iquitos via Lima include American Airlines, LAN Airlines, Avianca, Copa Airlines, Peruvian Airlines, Boliviana de Aviacion for those arriving from the Americas. European travelers will use a variety of airlines such as British Airways, KLM, United, LAN, and Air Europa among others.


Arriving by Boat to Iquitos

Some people will decide to begin their Amazon River travel early; it is possible to take a boat from various points of embarkation to Iquitos. Craft are available from Caballococha, Yurimaguas, Contamana, and Requena. Depending on the distance from Iquitos, you can expect to spend from 19 hours to 7 days on a boat. 

Amazon River Community

Amazon River Community

• There are several type of river craft that are available for the journey to Iquitos:

• A canoe with a motor, the peque-peque.

• The pecaman, a middle-sized, motorized boat that is roofed to protect travelers from the sun.

• Transport boats run regular routes along the Amazon and its tributaries, carrying both people and goods.

• The motonave is a larger tourist boat that can carry up to 250 passengers.

Traveling to the Peruvian Amazon is now not only easy, but comfortable. The number of airlines that will provide either direct or connected flights to Lima or Iquitos means that you need only book your flight, pack your bags, and be on your way to the adventure of a lifetime in Iquitos, Peru and the surrounding Amazon rainforest. Contact Us for more information about travel to Iquitos and the Peruvian Amazon. 

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