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Phnom Penh, Cambodia - Home of the Royal Palace

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A visit to the Royal Palace in Phnom, Penh will have you wishing you were born into the Royal Family. The Royal Palace in Phnom Penh, Cambodia is a majestic area of land containing multiple dignified structures. This area is saturated in lavish design, architecture, materials and agriculture fit for a King. Read on below to learn more about the Royal Palace in Cambodia.

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Where is the Grand Palace? 

The Royal Palace is situated facing East, across the Western bank, near the crossing of two glistening bodies of water: Tonle Sap River and the Mekong River. The land’s history is somewhat recent, compared to other Cambodian counterparts, the Grand Palace was first recognized in 1866. Separated into four compounds, each compound has various structures; the South gives us the Silver Pagoda, the North the Khemarin Palace, the Central the Throne Hall and the West side is the private sector, hosting the Inner Court. The establishments stand as strong as they do proud; a mixture of different Khmer style achievements, rooted in the dwelling place of the Royal Palace. 

Each building has a specific purpose and corresponding architecture for you to feast your eyes upon. For example, the Throne Hall is the primary audience hall of the King, utilized for official meetings, coronations and diplomatic events. Contrastingly, the Chanchhaya Pavilion is frequently used for banquets and as a show stage for the Colombian Royal Dancers. Additionally, regarding royalty, the Khemarin Palace is where Norodom Sihamoni finds his home. Here he stands nobly as the present, supreme ruler of the Cambodian monarchy. As these breathtaking grounds are they very home of the King, some areas are not open to the public.

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What is the Silver Pagoda?

The Silver Pagoda, sits within reach of the Grand Palace, which is open and completely accessible for the public. Found within the Royal Palace complex, is the Wat Preah Keo, more commonly known by western society as the Temple of the Emerald Buddha. It gets its name Silver Pagoda from the monumental, five tons of shimmering silver used to decorate its indoor floor space. There are no less than 5329, handcrafted tiles here weighing in at 1.125 kg a piece! If you are lucky enough to take a peek inside, you might catch a glimpse of these grand beauties, however most are covered for protection. 

Cambodians really know how to go all out - the remarkable staircase entrance is carved from exquisite Italian marble. Beyond these features, the silver flooring inside is contrasted by none other than the Emerald Buddha himself. A Baccarat-crystal sculpture, placed on a gilded pedestal. As if that wasn’t enough to catch your eye, there stands a 90kg golden Buddha just in front of him, encrusted with 2086 diamonds. This includes a 25 caret diamond in the crown and a 20 caret diamond embedded in the chest! Created in 1906, this Buddha is truly impressive and alluring. The Silver Pagoda, or in proper terms Wat Preah Keo Morokat, is the most unique of its kind with over 1650 precious objects inside. Another compelling fact is that no monks actually live within the pagoda, unlike other pagodas found in Asian communities. The Royal Palace is truly a wonderment for travelers and the local communities of Cambodia.

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Checking Out the Area

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