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Vegetarian Food in the Amazon

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Tasting local and authentic cuisine is one of the highlights of travelling, for vegetarians however, the topic of food may get complicated since many cultures have a different definition of what being a ‘vegetarian’ actually means. Avoiding meat and fish can often be a big challenge, even for places like the Amazon Rainforest, where super fruits and vegetables in are abundance. 


The vegetarian movement is growing across the world and Amazon River cruise providers are becoming more and more aware of it. Alongside with other special diets like vegan and kosher, there are now many tasty options for vegetarians aboard Amazon riverboat tours. Cruise providers just ask that you make the request ahead of time, so they have time to prepare the logistics of a vegetarian menu onboard. 


Amazon Vegetarian Food


The luxurious Anakonda Amazon cruise and the Manatee Amazon cruise in Ecuador, have many vegetarian food options, all that include some local Amazonian ingredients. Take a look at their menu below...


Vegetarian Menu Options Aboard the Anakonda Cruise and Manatee Cruise

  • Pasta Au le Olive
  • Vegetarian Rissotto
  • Stuffed cannelloni with ricotta and parmesan cheese
  • All types of salads
  • Roasted vegetables with soy meat
  • Papardelle Alfredo
  • Fussil Napolitana
  • Noodle rice with stir-fried vegetables and soy beans
  • Spaghetti Pomodoro
  • Roasted peepers with alfalfa sprouts
  • Spaghetti pesto
  • Sauteed turnip with vegetables and lentil
  • Penne carbonada
  • Breaded Auberfines in Pomodoro sauce and mozzarella cheese
  • Tagliatelli (4 types of cheeses)
  • Vegetable tempura roll with cream cheese
  • Spaguetti Carbonara
  • Hummus
  • Pene Alfredo
  • Sauteed potatoes with soy sauce
  • Rigatonni Romesco
  • Portobello
  • Tortellini with butter
  • Mushroom quiche with yogurt and vegetables
  • Seitan (vegetarian meat) with mushrooms, carrots, tomatoes etc.


If you are out and about on your own, and unsure of which Amazonian dishes to order, we have made a list of some vegetarian friendly dishes and must-try fruits and vegetables that are local to the Amazon region:


Vegetarian Food in the Amazon


1. The Chonta Salad

It's made with raw hearts of palm cut in strings like fettucini, seasoned with local spices to enhance the palm flavor. This salad looks plain, since it usually does not include any other vegetable, but it is extremely fresh and flavourful on its own.


2. Plantains

Another staple food in the Amazon. The unripe fruit can be cooked by steaming, boiling or frying. When cooking in the same way as potatoes, it has a similar flavor and texture. Plantains tend to be firmer and lower in sugar content than dessert bananas.


3. Yucca

Yucca is a vegetables of the region that has acted as the main source of carbohydrate for Amazonian people, filling the niche of the potato. You’ll find this delicious ingredient served as large succulent fries, in stews or thinly sliced as a great snack alternative to chips.


4. Fruits

There is no shortage of exotic fruit in the Amazon Rainforest. Brazil’s antioxidant-loaded açaí berry has gained worldwide notoriety as a superfood. Meanwhile, many other fruits remain relatively unfamiliar to most outsiders. In Peru, one of the most popular fruits is the camu camu, which contains an astonishing amount of vitamin C. The passion fruit (traditionally known as the maracuya) is another highly popular traditional jungle fruit, with its leaves often being used to make a comforting tea renowned for its health giving-properties. 


5. Sacha Inchi Seeds

An Amazonian super-food, Sacha Inchi seeds contain 75% protein and 25% Omega-3’s. By size, the Sacha Inchi seed contains all of the essential amino acids your body needs. Sacha Inchi has been cultivated in the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest for centuries and is now becoming widely used to promote weight loss. Some say that the seeds help burn excess abdominal fat.


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