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WildAid Program Aboard the Passion Galapagos Cruise

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The Galapagos Islands form one of the most important archipelagos in the world when it comes to wildlife. With a whole range of endemic and endangered species living on the islands, they truly are a wonder to behold. Unfortunately, harmony in the Galapagos is being disturbed by a number of outside threats, including invasive species and illegal fishing.


This is where WildAid has stepped in. They recently partnered up with the Passion Galapagos Cruise and have jointly created the Galapagos Conservation Fund. This program works to combat the threats outlined above and to make sure the Galapagos Islands keeps the outstanding biodiversity for which they are known.


WIldAid Program Galapagos


If you are wondering how seriously the Passion Galapagos Cruise is taking its commitment to the Galapagos Conservation Fund then get ready to be impressed. Not only did the company rename its luxury yacht WildAid’s Passion for Galapagos, but it will also donate $100 to the fund for every passenger that goes on a cruise. Still not enough? Well, the company will also donate the entirety of the proceeds from a one-week cruise to the GCF every year.


The cruise has been wildly praised for its dedication to the preservation of the Galapagos Islands, not least by the CEO of WildAid. In response to the positive comments made about him, the CEO of the Passion Yacht said: “We believe that visitors to the Galapagos have both a privilege and a responsibility to help protect these marine ecosystems. WildAid is a natural partner as they make practical investments where they are needed most.”


Passion Galapagos Cruise


So, what exactly is WildAid doing to protect the Galapagos Islands? Since 2002, the company has been fighting illegal fishing in the area. It has done this by installing surveillance technology to keep an eye on the reserve; training park rangers; and lobbying the government for tighter fishing regulations. Their work has already made a huge difference and will continue to do so thanks to their valuable partnership with the Passion Cruise. 


After reading about what a difference WildAid is making, you might now be thinking about checking out the lavish Passion for Galapagos yacht. We don't blame you. This 173-foot marine beauty only has six cabins, which are located across the ship’s four floors. This means that only 14 guests can sail at a time and that each one of them will have more space than they will know what to do with.


Endemic Galapagos Tortoise


The cabins exude exactly the right level of opulence that is to be expected from a luxury cruise. With big, plush beds and loads of space, you’ll never feel cramped or uncomfortable. The only challenge the guests aboard the Passion for the Galapagos will face is bringing themselves to leave the room and explore other parts of the boat.


And, exploring other parts of the boat is really worth it. Guests can take in the panoramic views on offer in the Sky Lounge, whilst sipping a freshly concocted cocktail or head up to the Solar Deck to catch some rays. There’s even a Jacuzzi on the Solar Deck for an extra touch of luxury. From this vantage point, passengers will be ideally place to see what’s going on around them. The on-board guide will be able to point out any wildlife that pops up in the waters and provide a bit of information about it.


WildAid Program Aboard the Passion Galapagos Cruise


With a fantastic staff to guest ratio of 1:1 and a gourmet restaurant that serves up mouth-watering cuisine, there’s no doubt that a trip on the Passion for the Galapagos will be one you will remember forever. Yet, this cruise provides so much more than just a week or so of bliss. The work of WildAid is absolutely vital for the survival of the islands and the animals that inhabit them. By partaking in a cruise aboard this yacht you are contributing to this incredible program and having the holiday of a lifetime. Win-win.


If you’re sold on the idea of cruising with this majestic vessel then all that remains is to book some flights, pack your bag and get ready to go. Contact us for more information about booking a Galapagos Cruise or call 1-888-215-3555.

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