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Borobudur Temple Tours

Majestic atop a hill ringed by volcanoes on East Java’s tranquil Kedu Plains, stupendous Borobudur is the world’s largest Buddhist temple complex and one of its greatest archaeological sites. Constructed in the ninth century to resemble a pyramid-shaped mandala, Borobudur was abandoned after catastrophic volcanic eruptions and lay buried under layers of ash and jungle growth for around a millennium.

Today, this amazingly well-preserved monument is a World Heritage Site and still draws thousands of Buddhist pilgrims. On guided Borobudur temple tours, ascend the seven stone terraces ringed with dozens of Buddha sculptures and intricate carvings, leading-up to a central stupa. Borobudur is best experienced at dawn, its most spiritually-charged time, when magical sunrises over volcanic panoramas are revealed – part of a recommended Borobudur day tour.

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Bromo from the distance
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