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Bolivia Family Travel: 9 Things To Do In Bolivia With Kids


Traveling with kids means making memories that last a lifetime and having fun together as a family. However, not many think of Bolivia as a place with many family attractions as many other touristy travel destinations in the world have. You might just be surprised about how many fun, exciting, and family-friendly things there are to do in Bolivia with kids.

Check out these top things to do and include them in your upcoming Bolivia family travel itinerary.


If you and the family are traveling through central Bolivian, Cochabamba is one city you must visit. This city has some of the mildest climates year-round and offers plenty of outdoor activities for families. While visiting Cochabamba, make sure to stop and spend the day at La Angostura Lake.

1. La Angostura Lake

Located just outside the city, La Angostura Lake is a man-made lake part of a small fishing village. Visiting this lake with the kids offers you the opportunity to escape heavy crowds in big cities and relax by the lake’s pristine waters. The kids will love the many activities available at this lake, including fishing and boating.

9-Things-To-Do With-Kids-In-Bolivia-La PAz

View Of Colonial Buildings In La Paz

La Paz

If you are looking for both city excitement and outdoor adventures for your kids, you must make a stop in La Paz. This city offers plenty of things to do in the city, such as riding the cable cars, exploring parks, and learning about animals. While in La Paz, you must visit Mi Teleférico, Valle De Luna, and Zoológico Municipal Vesty Pakos Sofro.

 Aerial Cable Car Used As Urban Transit System in La Paz

Mi Teleferico Is An Aerial Cable Car Used As Urban Transit System

2. Mi Teleférico

If your kids love riding in cable cars and seeing the city from above, you do not want to miss out on riding Mi Teleférico in La Paz. You not only get to enjoy a scenic view from above, but you also get the opportunity to ride one of the world’s most extensive systems of cable cars. The kids will be amazed as they see the city below surrounded by beautiful landscapes as you ride together in this subway in the sky.

Moon Valley, La Paz, Bolivia

Moon Valley, La Paz, Bolivia

3. Valle De Luna

Valle de Luna is located just outside of La Paz and offers your kids the opportunity to burn off energy. This outdoor adventure will take you through calming landscapes and up to awe-inspiring rock formations. If your family enjoys the great outdoors, Valle De Luna is a must during your vacations in Bolivia.

4. Zoológico Municipal Vesty Pakos Sofro

As you may know, kids cannot get enough of seeing wild animals, so when in La Paz, you must visit Zoológico Municipal Vesty Pakos Sofro. This location is home to many Bolivian native animals, including llamas, alpacas, monkeys, bears, pumas, fish, birds, and more. This is an opportunity for your kids to learn more about animals found in and near the Andes.


Samaipata is located in the Florida Province of Santa Cruz and is a small town filled with lots of charm. This area is very family-friendly, with small streets for exploring and learning about the area. While in Samaipata, stop by the Refugio Zoologico, so your kids can see some endangered species up close.

5. Refugio Zoologico

You and your kids will fall in love with Refugio Zoologico, a rescue center for endangered animals. This family-friendly environment offers the opportunity to see many birds, monkeys, big cats, and other animals. This is the place for you to visit if you want your kids to learn more about endangered animals and how they are rescued.

Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz borders the Amazon Rainforest and is surrounded by lush greenery. This is a great place to visit if you want to learn more about Bolivia’s wild animals and spend time splashing around at a water park with the family. When in Santa Cruz, make plans to visit AquaLand and Zoologico Municipal de Fauna Sudamericana Noel Kempff Mercado.

6. AquaLand

Are you looking for a place to cool off during your visit to Bolivia? Make plans to spend the day at AquaLand in Santa Cruz to escape your busy travel plans and cool off from the hot tropical weather. Kids can play on the wet deck, splash around in the wave pool, and participate in fun water games. There is also an arcade and petting zoo at the water park.

7. Zoologico Municipal de Fauna Sudamericana Noel Kempff Mercado

Your kids are going to howl when they get the opportunity to see a diverse collection of South American wildlife in a single location. This zoo was designed to give visitors an up-close look at jungle life and the opportunity to see wild animals, such as jaguars, monkeys, and lots of birds. This is a must-visit for all animal lovers and kids wanting to learn more about native Bolivian wildlife.

Cityscape Of Sucre, With The Cathedral Tower


While in central Bolivia, don’t forget to stop in Sucre. This town is one of the loveliest cities in Bolivia, providing a quiet place for the family to relax and enjoy time together. While there, make sure to visit Museo del Tesoro and Parque Cretácico with the kids; these are just a sample of what you can do in Sucre.

8. Museo del Tesoro

Museo del Tesoro is a small museum, but it is filled with many artifacts from local church history. This is perfect for any history buff and recommended if you have older kids who love learning about history and seeing unique artifacts. Though it is still family-friendly for younger children, older children tend to appreciate this type of museum more.

9. Parque Cretácico

Parque Cretácico — Cretaceous Park — is home to ginormous dinosaur statues demonstrating what the region was like 68 million years ago. Your kids will feel like they stepped onto the set of Jurassic Park as they are surrounded by giant sculptures of dinosaurs and limestone walls containing more than 5000 authentic dinosaur tracks. Parque Cretácico plays dinosaur sounds as you walk around, surrounding you in a real-life dinosaur setting the kids will love. Leave enough time to play in the children’s play area before leaving the park for the day.

As you can see, Bolivia is very family-friendly, and there are many things for you to do with the kids. So start making plans for your Bolivia family trip today and get ready to make those memories to last a lifetime.


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