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Bolivia Travel Guide

The definitive Bolivia travel guide with expert advice, tips and ideas for planning a trip to Bolivia for the most rewarding of Bolivia vacations.

Dense Vegetation On Cuyabeno River
  • Tips

11 Tourist Attractions In The Amazon Rainforest You Must See

When it comes to untouched nature in a wildlife-rich environment, the Amazon Rainforest is one of the last places on earth to explore. Even hearing the word Amazon conjures up images of […]
Happy Family Enjoying The View In the Sacred valley Of The Incas In Cusco - Peru
  • Tips

7 Best Family Destinations In South America

Soaring mountains, incredible wildlife and beaches, historical remains, the greatest natural and manmade wonders in the world, and spectacular cultural highlights from food to art, South America is a perfect destination for […]
  • Cuisine

Best Food In South America? 12 Must-Try Specialty Dishes

One of the strongest arguments in favor of vacationing in South America is to have the chance at sampling its fascinating specialty dishes high in colors and flavors. The cuisine has numerous […]
couple dancing tango in buenos aires, argentina
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Top 10 South America Tourist Attractions You Have To See

South America is a continent of contrasting landscapes, featuring the highest, the driest, the largest, the deepest, the rarest, and more… If planning a vacation to South America, below please find our […]
The Salar is virtually devoid of any wildlife or vegetation
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Bolivia Honeymoon Guide: Ideas, Tips, Hotels & Destinations

The first couple weeks after getting married should be an exciting time, and going on a honeymoon adventure is something you want to carefully plan out. Bolivia makes for an exotic honeymoon […]
Colonial Architecture Of The Old Town In Sucre, Bolivia
  • Tips

Where To Stay In Bolivia: The Best Places & Hotels

Visiting Bolivia offers diverse opportunities to experience unique destinations and your hotel stay can be just as unique and memorable as what you see during your vacation. As with most things in […]
Bolivian Traditional Sopa De Mani (peanut,Soup) Made with Meat
  • Cuisine

Bolivian Food: 13 Traditional & Typical Dishes To Try

Bolivia may not be world-famous for its local cuisine, but the country is rich in traditional dishes available for visitors to try. Many of the traditional dishes available throughout Bolivia are recipes […]
  • Tips

Bolivia Family Travel: 9 Things To Do In Bolivia With Kids

Traveling with kids means making memories that last a lifetime and having fun together as a family. However, not many think of Bolivia as a place with many family attractions as many […]
Ancient Tuwanaku city ruins
  • Inspiration

Top 10 Bolivia Tourist Attractions You Have To See

Bolivia is home to breathtaking landscapes, historic sites, diverse wildlife, and cultural sites. Whether you want to explore nature or experience city life, you will have many options available to choose from […]
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The 12 Best Things To Do In Bolivia

Bolivia is home to many scenes, including snowy mountain peaks, highlands, hot amazon jungles, breathtaking valleys, and lakeside beaches. As you make your way around Bolivia, you will have trouble believing you […]
Bolivia Landscape
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When Is The Best Time To Visit Bolivia?

Bolivia offers visitors an opportunity to dive deep into their local culture, experience diverse geography, participate in festivals, taste mouth-watering cuisine, and go on adventures. The weather is beautiful year-round, making just […]
La Paz, panoramic view
  • Inspiration

What is the Capital of Bolivia: Sucre or La Paz?

The question of Bolivia’s capital is like the time-old riddle of the chicken and the egg. Fraught with fierce opinion, it’s a nuanced debate that has been the cause of blood shed, […]
Alpacas Along The Inca Trail, The Andes Mountains
  • Nature

10 Fun Facts About Llamas

Llamas may be a little intimidating up close but that doesn’t stop them from being absolutely adorable. These big, fluffy creatures can be found all over the world but are native to […]
  • Culture

Quechua: Language Of The Inca Lives On In The Central Andes

Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, Colombia, Chile and Argentina. When asked what language these six countries share in common, most will immediately answer: Spanish. But Spanish is just one of several languages you’ll find […]
  • Inspiration

11 Must-See Places To Visit In Bolivia

South America is rich with unique cultures, varied landscapes, and rewarding destinations. Despite many millions of tourists visiting the continent each year,  landlocked Bolivia still remains relatively untouched and off the well-worn […]
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