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Belmond Governor's Hotel Yangon

  |   Myanmar

If you’re looking for a little piece of luxury in Myanmar then the Governor’s Residence Hotel in Yangon should be your first port of call. You will most likely fly into Yangon, before your Irrawaddy River cruise, making this hotel the perfect first stop and introduction to Myanmar. 


Myanmar is finally making a splash on the global tourism scene. There are a number of different reasons why travelers are adding Myanmar to their hit list. The Irrawaddy River is definitely a reason and the plethora of temples and pagodas spark the interest of many. But, one of the most prominent reasons people visit Myanmar is for the chance to experience Yangon.


Governor's Hotel Yangon


Formerly the capital of Myanmar, the city of Yangon has greatly benefitted from the country becoming more open and liberal. It has maintained its big city buzz despite having handed over its capital city status to Napyidaw and is becoming quite the intellectual powerhouse.


Those who decide to spend some time in Yangon during their trip to Myanmar, should definitely check out the Governor’s Residence Hotel. Architecturally splendid and a fascinating throwback to the colonial era, the accommodation is glamorous without being obnoxious and offers both style and comfort in abundance.


Belmond Governor's Hotel Yangon


Rooms at the Governor’s Residence Hotel

Each of the rooms at the Governor’s Residence Hotel in Yangon is palatial in size and has had no luxury spared. The color scheme is neutral, calming and highly conducive to a good night’s sleep. The plush furniture and tasteful decorations fit the vibe of the hotel so perfectly that you will have a hard time every leaving your room.


Dining at the Governor’s Residence Hotel

Chances are you probably haven't ever experienced Burmese food. It hasn’t reached the level of popularity that nearby Thailand or Vietnam have but that doesn’t mean it isn’t utterly divine. The Governor’s Residence Hotel offers guests a dining experience that they describe as a “culinary journey”.


The fragrant spices used in the dishes will captivate your sense before you’ve even laid eyes on your food. With tamarind, coconut and lemongrass all featuring heavily on the menu, you are guaranteed a mouth-watering meal that will give you a new found appreciation for Burmese cuisine.


Belmond Hotel Yangon


The Governor’s Oasis

If good food and a striking interior design wasn’t enough for you, then the Governor’s Oasis should be enough to tip you over the edge. Supposedly the most lavish spa in the city, this beautiful wellness center has everything you need to completely unwind and feel perfectly revitalized afterwards.


The range of treatments on offer covers everything from facials to massages to body therapies. The products used are all concocted from natural ingredients and are gentle on the skin. If you are in need of a bit of pampering then a trip to this spa should definitely have a place on your itinerary.


What to Do in Yangon

There really is so much to do in Yangon it can be hard to decide where to start. But, generally speaking, a good place to begin your exploration is the magnificent Shwedagon Pagoda. It is one of the most important religious sites in Myanmar and is spectacular to behold thanks to it being completely covered in gold.


Once you’ve spent some time at the Shwedagon Pagoda, you might want to see what other temples and pagodas are on offer in the city. Wander through the busy streets and keep your eyes peeled for gold. You won’t be disappointed!


Shwedagon Pagoda


When hunger strikes it is time to head to one of the chaotic but enchanting markets. Here you will be able to buy all kinds of fresh produce as well as street food and proper meals. Go hungry and be prepared to haggle for what you buy. Learning some numbers in Burmese will help you with this.


Incorporating a stay at the Governor’s Residence Hotel in Yangon is incredibly easy. Most international flights arrive in Yangon, so you will probably have to spend some time there whether you want to or not.


My suggestion is to give yourself a couple of nights to explore Yangon and combat the jetlag before you begin your Irrawaddy cruise. Spend the days seeing the sights and retire to the luxurious Governor’s Residence Hotel in the evenings. Bliss. 

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