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Laos: Southeast Asia’s Little World of Wonders

  |   Mekong River

Laos is one of the most intriguing and beautiful countries you could possibly come across. It is the only land locked Southeast Asian country, bordered on the western side by the distinguished Mekong River, the 12th longest river in the world. The Mekong River is actually what gives Laos inspiration for its charming national flag. The red bands give memory and meaning to the blood shed in Laos’ long fight for liberation; the blue band symbolizes the Mekong River, prosperity and hope for a brighter and more fruitful future; the white disk visualizes the full moon against the river, signifying the unity of the people under the Lao People’s Revolutionary Party. There are countless reasons as to why Laos should be the next quirky destination on your bucket list.  

Laos Falls

Places To Visit

Laos may not have a coastline jam packed with tourists like Thailand, but it brings so many other things to offer in addition to its seaside sister countries. Near Cambodia at the southern border, you will discover the magical Khone Falls. This waterfall is the largest waterfall in the whole of Southeast Asia with he highest fall reaching 21 meters (69ft) high. Laos is known as a mountainous land where the peaks are recorded to rise above 2,800m (9000ft) above sea level. The highest section of the country is Phou Bia which is unfortunately not accessible to tourists due to the vast spread of unexploded ammunition in the area left after the Vietnam war. Laos is acknowledged as the worlds most bombed country after over two billion tons of bombs were dropped in Laos over a period of 19 years during the Vietnam Civil War!


Laos is also home to not one but two special UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The town of Luang Prabang is a constructed articulation of cultural mixology. An urban Lao structure built by European authorities in in the 19th century, this well-preserved townscape showcases the fusion of traditional and suburban architecture and design, holding its structure to this day. Secondly is the Vat Phou temple complex - this massive landscape is over 1000 years old containing elements dating back to the Khmer Empire. A medley of waterworks, shrines, temples, the mystical Plain of Jars and more, this selected area of Laos was originally shaped to express the Hindu observation of the connection between humanity and nature.

Southeast Asia Laos

Laos Lifestyle and Culture

The majority of the population in Laos are Buddhist - 65% to be exact. This predominance is mirrored in the artistry around the country as statues of the Buddha adorn buildings, places of worship and even hill tops. There is an estimated 6.7 million people living over three different geographical areas; central, north and south Laos. Each zone is affected intrinsically by Vietnams tropical savanna climate. There exists a contrastive wet and dry season, ranging from May to November and December to April, respectively. Laos benefits mainly from the rich, fertile soil which is nourished year round sustaining their agriculture. Coffee is the most commonly exported product from Laos, and the most popular coffee in Vietnam. You will find native Laotians bagging this coffee and swirling it together with sweet condensed milk, before drinking it over a liberal serving of ice. Another sticky and sweet classic is sticky rice which is eaten all over Laos. Locals will roll this delectable mixture into balls before dipping into individual sauces for eating. 

Possibly the most interesting thing about Laos is that the oldest modern human fossil in the world was discovered there. Believed to be 46,000 years old, you cant say these guys don’t have a rich history! Not only can you find the oldest humans, but some of the rarest animals and reptiles. In Vietnam you will find the King Cobra, one of Laos’ largest and most venomous snake species, contrasted by the remarkable, protected Irrawaddy River Dolphin.   

Anouvong Cruise

How Do I Get To Laos?

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