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Rice Noodles from Vietnam

  |   Mekong River

Rice noodles are a special part of Vietnamese culture, heritage and history. We all know and recognize Asian culture for its noodles and Vietnamese food is no exception. The nationals have incorporated this ingredient into their dishes for years, with multiple different styles, traditionally made and cut by hand. 

Vietnamese Rice Noodles

What Exactly Are Vietnamese Noodles?

There are multiple different types of traditional noodles, each crafted from either tapioca flour, rice flour or wheat flour. These flours can even be combined with pressed rice or starches for a different texture, creating a thicker and meatier body, similar to that of a Japanese Udon noodle. Bánh Canh are the most commonly found noodles in Vietnam. These are tapioca noodles cut thick from large sheets, which are then added into soups and broths. These noodles are most common in the centre and south of Vietnam. Bánh Pho are arguably the most widespread when it comes to distribution, finding their use in Pad Thai dishes and soups scoured across Southeast Asia - plus the rest of the world! The Bánh Pho noodle is what defines Pho soup, the world’s most famous noodle soup.

Vietname Noodles

How Do You Make Vietnamese Noodles?

These mouth-watering strands of flavorsome noodles are reportedly best enjoyed fresh. Noodle factories are set up in special places around Vietnam, where workers will carefully examine each step of the production process to ensure quality and tradition are met in harmony.  In order to fabricate these delicate noodles, noodle makers begin by choosing their rice - not too dry and not too starchy. The rice is soaked in water for 24 hours, before being drained to reveal the solid forms of starch. Following this, there is the option to combine any extra flours you desire. Each variation changes the texture and taste of the noodles. Some factories will have their own distinctive recipes for specific results. Firstly, a mixer will be used to bind the flours with water. Secondly, the mixture is rubbed over a cotton sheet, which is dynamically stretched over a pot of boiling water. Succeeding a 30 second steam, the ‘rice pancakes’ as they are known, are rolled onto individual bamboo mats. From here the sheets are allowed 5-6 hours to dry in the scorching Vietnamese sun. Dried rice pancakes will be fed through industry standard, food grade shredders, which in turn creates the fine noodles we know and love. To understand how rice noodles are made is extremely important when it comes to truly appreciating them. The process may vary from factory to factory; traditional methodology would find these pancakes cut by hand.

Vietnamese Noodles

Where Does One Find This Distinguished Delicacy?

Vietnamese rice factories are distributed in certain areas across the spectacular land of Vietnam. In order to discover the very best location, take a look at our Mekong Princess cruise. During her enriching itinerary schedule, you will take part in an up close and personal visit to the rice factories along the Mekong River. You will have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have to the fantastic Vietnamese and Cambodian staff aboard the ship along your journey too! Having authentic experience in these vast lands, their wealth of knowledge and experience is truly enriching. Offering 4, 5 and 8 day voyages, you can take time to experience Southeast Asia on this supremely superior vessel no matter your schedule. We guarantee that this is an unparalleled observation of Asia, far from anything else you would ever experience. 

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