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Pantanal Travel Guide

The definitive Pantanal travel guide with expert tips, advice and trip planning ideas so you know how to visit the Pantanal like a seasoned traveler for the most rewarding of Pantanal tours.

Tourists spotting wildlife In Pantanal
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Best Places To Visit In The Pantanal To See Wildlife

One of the largest, most pristine, and most biologically vibrant wetlands in the world, the Pantanal offers South America’s all-around best wildlife-viewing opportunities. The “Kingdom of Waters,” as it’s sometimes called, easily […]
Pair Of Hyacinth Macaws Perching Together On A Branch
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Pantanal Honeymoon | Lodges & Itinerary Ideas For Lovers

Are you looking for a honeymoon destination full of romance and adventure at the same time? Perhaps one in a remote location in a South American country full of different landscapes and […]
Capybara Family, Pantanal - Brazil
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Pantanal Family Travel: Top 7 Things To Do With Kids

If you’re looking for a new destination for your family vacation this year, why not consider one of the most remote and naturally unique regions in all of South America? The Pantanal […]
Peralta River Cruise, Pantanal
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Where To Stay In The Pantanal

While exploring the Pantanal wetlands region in Brazil, where you lay your head at night is an important decision to make. While you may worry your options are limited, consider that several […]
Sunrise Pantanal Brazil Pantanal
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7 Best Things To Do In The Brazilian Pantanal

Located on the far western edge of Brazil is a surprise destination known only to a limited few. This vast area is known as the Pantanal and is home to diverse wildlife, […]
Sign At The Entrance To The Trans-pantanal Highway
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5 Amazing Attractions You Must See In The Pantanal

If you’re looking for a South American adventure unlike any other and a location not teeming with crowds, then head to the Pantanal region of Brazil. Tucked within the western part of […]
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Where Is the Pantanal? Location & How To Get There

Spanning more than 42 million acres across three countries, the Pantanal is the largest tropical wetland in the world and one of its foremost wildlife hotspots. But where is located, and how […]
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Best Time Of Year To See Jaguars In Pantanal

The Pantanal in Brazil is renowned for its spectacular wildlife sightings. A mecca for both birders and herpetologists alike, the world’s largest wetland is perhaps only more popular with those adventure travelers […]
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When Is The Best Time To Visit The Pantanal?

Stretching across over 72,500 square miles of Brazil is the Pantanal region. Unlike the Amazon Rainforest, Brazil’s other wildlife hub, the Pantanal hasn’t had much by way of international publicity. In fact, […]
Jaguar Hunting Capybaras On The Riverbank Pantanal
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Pantanal Wildlife: Jaguars To Jabirus

Covering over 81,000 square miles across Brazil, Bolivia, and Paraguay, the Pantanal Region is as vast as it is fascinating. Overflowing with birds, vibrant vegetation, and exotic animals lurking in the marshes, […]
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Giant Otter: Prodigious Predator Of The Amazon & Pantanal

The whole world is completely in awe of the giant river otters of South America. For many travelers, catching a glimpse of this powerful predator is a highlight of their trip. But, […]
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