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Pantanal Honeymoon | Lodges & Itinerary Ideas For Lovers

Pair Of Hyacinth Macaws Perching Together On A Branch

Are you looking for a honeymoon destination full of romance and adventure at the same time? Perhaps one in a remote location in a South American country full of different landscapes and unusual animals? The Pantanal, then, is your answer.

When it comes to honeymoon ideas, the Pantanal wetlands in western Brazil offer an out-of-the-ordinary destination to celebrate your new life together. Just choosing such a destination shows your penchant for adventure, for something new, and for a way to share your love in an exciting and unique way. Plus, this destination is secluded, with fewer crowds and more opportunity for romantic moments alone and the making of memories unlike any other.

Where to Stay on Your Brazilian Pantanal Honeymoon

While accommodations in the Brazilian Pantanal will differ from other honeymoon destinations, you can still find one that provides for the level of comfort you desire. Some of the top ones include the following.

Pool Of The Caiman Ecolodge

Pool Of The Caiman Ecolodge

Caiman Ecological Reserve Lodge

One of the favorite attractions and best places to stay in the Pantanal is the Caiman Ecological Reserve. You can honeymoon in the main lodge here, choosing one of its seven superior rooms, and remain close to all the tours and conservation actions. For a little more privacy, head over to the Cordilheira Lodge on the Reserve. Suites here contain a separate bedroom, living room, private bath, and a balcony. Social areas and a pool offer you options to intermingle with others whenever you like.

Peralta Luxury Cruise Boat Cabins

Choose to go with Peralta, a floating luxury cruise boat for your honeymoon, and you’ll enjoy every second, although with a little less overall privacy. Each cruise cabin comes with a private bathroom for your convenience and also spectacular views to enjoy without having to leave your cabin. There’s a pool up on the deck and interior and exterior lounges for relaxing. Also onboard is a comfortable air-conditioned restaurant, which serves up regional dishes you’ll long remember after your honeymoon is over.

Pool aerial view

Araras Lodge

Araras Pantanal Eco Lodge

For a somewhat rustic yet slightly sophisticated stay, choose the Araras Eco-Lodge for your honeymoon. Your comfortable room will have air-conditioning and a private bathroom complete with a warm/cold shower. Relax together in a hammock on one of the large verandas or float next to each other in the pool. When you’re ready, chose your activity, such as going birdwatching or joining a jeep photo-safari tour. You can also wander through pristine forests or canoe together on the river. The meals here are unique offerings crafted out of local ingredients, and you can also enjoy specialty drinks offered to newlyweds at sunset in romantic locales.

SouthWild Jaguar Suites

It’s no secret that large numbers of jaguars roam the Pantanal, so why not stay where you’ll have ample opportunities to see these big cats in their natural habitat? Situated at the edges of the Piquiri River, you’ll enjoy a spacious room with spectacular views through the floor-to-ceiling windows which slide open, giving you access to your own screened porch. Servings of the regional dishes are available, or you can make requests for the foods you enjoy.

Zagaia Eco Resort

If you prefer to stay more on the outskirts of this incredible landscape, make Zagaia Eco Resort in Bonito your home base during your honeymoon. Enjoy the surrounding nature during the day, then return to a massage at the on-site spa or a dip in the pool at night. You can choose either a premium luxury apartment or a master suite for your stay and also arrange for romantic dinners designed just for you as a couple.

What to Do on Your Honeymoon in the Pantanal

No other destination offers solitude and a wide variety of natural habitats and wildlife like Brazil’s Pantanal. Spend your honeymoon admiring the surrounding beauty from the comforts of a luxurious Pantanal lodge, or get out in it and enjoy being adventurous together. Whichever you prefer, consider adding any or all of the following to your honeymoon itinerary.

Wild Female Jaguar Drinking From The River

Wild Female Jaguar Drinking From The River

Track the Elusive Jaguars

The Pantanal wetlands are home to a large population of jaguars, and you won’t want to leave without seeing at least a few of them during your honeymoon. Stay at or visit the Caiman Ecological Reserve and learn about the conservation measures being taken to protect jaguars in Brazil. You can also join a tour from here and increase your chances of seeing these elusive wild cats. Another option is to make your way to Port Jofe and take a boat tour on the Cuiabá River. Look for them napping in the trees or out on the river banks hunting for lizards.

Join a Wildlife Sightseeing Excursion

Climb aboard one of the 4-weel-drive touring vehicles and prepare to be amazed at the wildlife in this environment. Be on the lookout for colorful birds such as the stunning Hyacinth Macaw, toucans, storks, and herons. You may also see howler monkeys, black-tailed marmosets, capybaras, and caimans. Since the Pantanal is still somewhat of a hidden secret, you won’t have to worry about overly crowded tours here.

Young Ocelot At Night

Young Ocelot At Night

Go on a Nighttime Safari

Cuddle up next to each other as the tour pulls out into the nighttime wetlands, and you’ll experience this destination in a whole new way. A fitted spotlight on the vehicle will shine on areas likely to hide wildlife as you move through the wetlands. Catch glimpses of owls, nightjars, and potoos as well many others.

Tourists And Guide In A Canoe At Pantanal

Tourists And Guide In A Canoe At Pantanal

Enjoy a River Boat Tour

Another way to experience the unique flora and fauna, as well as the wildlife of the Pantanal, is to enjoy a riverboat tour. You can find these tours offered at various lodges and independent tour groups. Once out on the water, you may spot caimans, capybaras, jaguars, and numerous colorful wetland birds. In some locations, you may even see alligators lazily spread across the banks, sunning themselves.

When it comes to honeymoon ideas Pantanal may just be the best decision you make as a newly married couple. Whether you’re looking for a secluded romantic honeymoon, an adventure, or a combination of these, the Pantanal in Brazil is a honeymoon surprise and a way to make your new marriage an adventure from the start.


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