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Anakonda Amazon Honeymoon Cruise– Expert Review

  |   Ecuador

This past May, my wife and I decided to take our honeymoon in Ecuador on the 4-Day, 3-Night Anakonda Amazon cruise. Our journey began with a short 30 minute flight to Coca from Quito’s new airport, Mariscal Sucre International Airport. We were met by the Anakonda rep, who was very helpful, and assisted us with the check in process.

On arrival to Coca, we were met by the two Anakonda Amazon guides– and took a 5 minute bus ride to the port, followed by a 30 minute skiff ride to the boat. The skiff had bench style seats with back rests, and a tarp roof that can be erected and taken down at will. It rained a little on this trip, and the friendly guides provided us with waterproof ponchos to keep us dry.

On arrival to the Anakonda river cruise boat, we were given warm towels to clean ourselves, and a hot drink, followed by an introduction to the Ecuadorian Amazon and the cruise boat itself. It was very informative, and all of our questions were answered.

Honeymoon on the Anakonda Amazon Cruise

Honeymoon on the Anakonda Amazon Cruise

Anakonda Cruise Itinerary 

Highlights were kayaking on Piranha Lake, which was undertaken on a full day trip off the boat, where we used the Amazon Dolphin Lodge as a base. Here we had lunch, and enjoyed the hammocks in between excursions, which were jungle hikes, and river trips.

Another highlight was a visit to a turtle farm, where they incubate and raise baby turtles for one year, before releasing back into the wild in different areas around the Napo River. My wife and I released one ourselves, as did some other passengers.

Releasing a baby turtle into the Napo River 

Releasing a baby turtle into the Napo River 

The parrot clay lick was a great sight, witnessing so many different types of parrot and macaw together in the same area. A fantastic treat for bird lovers.

The community visit to a group of Amazonian women was impressive. They showed and allowed us to try traditional Amazonian cooking. Some of it, such as the grubs, was for the brave only!

One final highlight was a walk, followed by a motor less canoe ride through some smaller waterways. The silence of the Amazon jungle was amazing, and it was a nice experience. We saw many species of monkeys and birds, and it was a fantastic way to round off the trip.


Anakonda Riverboat Cabins

 The Anakonda cabins have names of animals, rather than numbers, and have no keys. They have passcodes, and are auto locking. Air conditioning on board is excellent, there was bottled water inside, along with chocolates on pillows every night.  The floor to ceiling windows were a great addition, and allowed for fantastic views of the passing by Amazon jungle scenery. The bed was extremely comfortable, and the bathroom had fantastic showers, with 3 different settings – regular shower head, Spanish shower, and side spraying nozzles, you can select between the three. Soap and shampoo is provided, as well as a hairdryer. Cabins were quiet, and easy to sleep in - the boat did not navigate at night. Deluxe cabins on upper deck were bigger, and they had a private Jacuzzi which sadly we did not try!

Jacuzzi on the top deck of the Anakonda Cruise 

Jacuzzi on the top deck of the Anakonda Cruise 


Anakonda Cruise Public Areas

The Anakonda has several public lounge areas around the ship. The breakfast and dinner were served on the bottom deck in the dining room. The food was delicious, and was set menu, aside from breakfast which was buffet. Top deck was a lounge area with a bar, where rainforest excursion briefings were given. The barman was extremely friendly, as were all of the staff on board. There is a large outside patio at the end of the dining room, which is a great place to relax after a day of jungle trekking. The observation deck has a hot tub that can be used free of charge with advanced notice. We used it once, since we were on our honeymoon after all, and it was superb.

Amazon Tree Iguana

Anakonda Crew and Guides

All were superb and spoke excellent English. Extremely helpful and polite, and the guides – Rene and Alex - were very knowledgeable about the Amazon’s flora and fauna, and were clearly concerned about the Amazon area and the conservation of it. It was a real first class service throughout the ship. Could not have asked for a better crew. We were even given a bottle of wine free of charge since the river cruise was part of our honeymoon.


Overall Honeymoon Cruise Experience

If you are looking to stay off the typical tourist paths for your honeymoon, then an Amazon river cruise is a great option. My wife and I enjoyed sharing this once-in-a-lifetime jungle adventure together; wildlife treks, jungle scenery, waterway excursions, community visits and delicious Amazonian cuisine, really made up a unique and wonderful honeymoon experience. The Anakonda cruise is your best option for a honeymoon in Ecuador, however, if you are looking to honeymoon in Peru, Rainforest Cruises has a number of luxury honeymoon cruises to choose from, all which cruise into the remote Pacaya Samiria National Reserve. 

Miscellaneous Info and Recommendations 

• Binoculars available to rent $15 per guest for the trip, recommended to do this, as most of the Amazon’s wildlife is up high in the jungle canopy. 

• Wifi available, $15 per device for the whole trip. Works when boat is stationary.

• High quality rain ponchos provided, and boots

• Laundry service available – cost dependent on item

• Recommended tips - $15 (/person /day) for guides, $10 (/day) for crew.

• Massages available on board at additional cost 


(Expert Review Written By: Matt Hitcham)

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