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Glamping In The Amazon Rainforest

  |   Ecuador

Glamping in the Amazon

What is Glamping?

Glamping is a new word for a new kind of travel: glamorous camping. If you've resisted going camping to avoid bugs, dirt, using nature as your bathroom, and having to cook for yourselves, going glamping will get you outdoors ... without having to deal with the unpleasantries.

Glamping in the Amazon

Imagine someone else setting up your tent under the stars, sheathing your bed in luxury linens, building a fire for you, cooking a gourmet meal that you've specified, cleaning up, and then departing so you can enjoy the rest of the evening alone together... that's glamping.

Glamping in the Amazon

Glamping arose over the last decade due to the burgeoning demand for travelers who want to experience all the positive aspects of camping without the uncomfortable negatives, catering for those who want to seek the refuge of nature without foregoing life's luxuries. You may have already heard of the concept being used at music festivals such as Glastonbury, where revelers now prefer to swap their muddy campsites for luxury yurts. Whether you stay in ayurt, tent, hut or treehouse, glamping pivots on a high level of service that focuses on the complete comfort of the guests, with amenities far exceeding anything recreational campers experience.

Glamping in Ecuador’s Amazon Rainforest

As part of an Amazon cruise in Ecuador on either the Manatee Explorer or Anakonda, guests now have the unique opportunity to try glamping in none other than the Amazon Rainforest itself!

Glamping in the Amazon

Glamping in the Amazon

During the day, enjoy and explore the beautiful rainforest and its incredible biodiversity of plants and animals on an exciting nature walk. In the evening, a local guide will tell you compelling stories about adventures, legends and the way of life in the magical Amazon region. Then as night draws in, prepare yourself for a thrilling glamping experience with the sounds of the jungle all around you.

Fine dining with your glamping experience

Fine dining with your glamping experience

Camp in luxury tents, fully-sealed and set above ground on wooden platforms equipped with comfortable beds, charming rustic furniture and superior service. Guests will be able to enjoy gourmet meals, waiter-served champagne and relaxing, steamy hot showers in their tented camp areas. In the morning, travelers will go for a kayak excursion on the river and observe incredible wildlife. After a delicious breakfast, they will go back on board their Amazon cruise.

This is an additional program, with a maximum capacity of up to 10 guests. A fabulous and unique activity that can be the perfect complement to your cruise. Contact us for more information.

Ps- A wonderful new-take on Glamping in the Amazon Rainforest is a stay at the Treehouse Lodge in the Peruvian jungle. Take a look for yourself here.

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