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The Amazon River's Newest Activity: SUP

  |   Pacaya Samiria

 SUP Activity on the Delfin I Amazon river cruise.

SUP Activity on the Delfin I Amazon river cruise.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding on the Amazon River

Rainforest Cruises is excited to announce that guests on the Delfin I Amazon riverboat can now enjoy the very popular SUP (Stand Up Paddle Board) activity on the Amazon river in Peru. This water sport originated in Hawaii, but has now become a trending topic among water sport enthusiasts across North America. Stand up paddle boarding can be enjoyed by folks of all ages. It’s a cross between surfing and canoeing, on a large and stable surf board that can be paddled.  The Amazon river is perfect for SUP since the water is calm, making it easy to balance, paddle and enjoy the Amazonian view. Since you’re standing up at full height, you can enjoy unique jungle views from the river, or spot wildlife up in the rainforest canopy (monkeys migrating through, or three-toed sloths munching away on leaves). 

 Enjoying the Amazon rainforest views from the Delfin I Amazon river cruise activities.

Enjoying the Amazon rainforest views from the Delfin I Amazon river cruise activities.

Stand up paddle boarding on the Amazon river is also a great workout (which you might need after all the delicious meals on the Delfin I Amazon cruise). Many cross-trainers recommend it, as it’s a full body core workout. Take a look a the photo below, would you like to swap this activity for your daily gym workout? Maybe SUP on the Amazon river will inspire you to purchase a board of your own, and use it on a body of water close to your home town (SUP can be done on lakes, rivers, oceans and even swimming pools!). 

 SUP workout on the Amazon River

SUP workout on the Amazon River

The basic SUP items you need to paddle on the Amazon river are: 

(Please note that equipment is provided on the Delfin I Amazon cruise boat only)

1. A Stand Up Paddle Board: These come in all shapes and sizes, but the best SUP boards for flat waters are very large and wide, making it easy for you to balance. It’s best to start out on your knees, taking a few strokes on each side of the board. Once you feel comfortable, you can stand up on the board, one foot at a time. Position yourself in the middle of the board, ensure your feet are parallel and shoulder width apart. Then, start paddling while enjoying the views of the Amazon jungle. 

2. A Paddle: The paddle is what you use to propel yourself across the river. A flat water paddle is on the larger side and it floats, so in case it slips out of your hands, it won’t get lost in the Amazon river. 

3. A Board Leash: This is usually a velcro strap around your ankle that is attached to the stand up paddle board. In case of a fall, the leash ensures your board doesn't float away into the depths of the Amazon.

4. A Traction Pad: The traction pad already comes pre-installed to your paddle board. It's a layer of traction material that provides you grip and cushion for your stand up paddle board.

5. Life Vest: Even if you are a professional swimmer, it's always a good idea to have a life vest on. You can check with your Amazon guide is life vests are required in your area of paddle boarding. 

 Taking in the jungle views on SUP boards in the Peruvian Amazon

Taking in the jungle views on SUP boards in the Peruvian Amazon

What do you think? Will you catch the stand up paddle board bug? It's much easier to learn than surfing, it gives you a unique perspective, lets you look down into the Amazon waters and up to the jungle canopies. Who knows what you might spot from your SUP board view! If you have any questions regarding SUP on the Amazon river, feel free to contact us, or look here, for more information about the Delfin I Amazon cruise. 

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