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When to Charter an Amazon Cruise

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Amazon riverboat cruises are most definitely for everyone. Whether you are looking for a unique corporate retreat or an out-of-the-ordinary wedding destination that is worlds away from home, chartering an Amazon riverboat cruise is the most unique way to celebrate your special event with friends, family and colleagues. 

Rainforest Cruises' luxurious  riverboats are the height of comfort, sophistication and relaxation, and float effortlessly through the heart of the Amazon Rainforest. Prices start at just $145 a day, and by chartering a cruise boat you won't have to do any work. With expert crews, guides and cooks you can just sit back, relax and take in the incredible Amazon landscape from the comfortable decks and cabins. Here are some ideas about when to charter an Amazon cruise through the Amazon Rainforest: 


1. Corporate Retreats

Rainforest Cruises offers some of the most luxurious riverboats in the Amazon. Cabins have spectacular views of the Amazon Rainforest through their large bright windows, air conditioning, and hot water, which means your staff will have all of the comforts of a five-star hotel in the middle of the Amazon. 

There are lots of new things to try on an Amazon riverboat cruise, and what better way to bond with your co-workers than on a trek through the Amazon jungle or by tasting new and exciting Amazonian food? By trying something new together, staff will get to know one-another in this relaxed, yet exciting environment. 

Skiff ride observing Amazon Victoria water lilies- Delfin Amazon Cruise

Skiff ride observing Amazon Victoria water lilies- Delfin Amazon Cruise

Our riverboats also have stunning communal lounge areas where guests can relax in the evenings, and catch up on all of the amazing wildlife, flora and fauna they have seen. 

The Amazon is one of the most bio-diverse places in the world, and so arguably one of the best places in the world to be inspired. In this tranquil setting, workers will have time to think about their next step, or not think about work at all. An Amazon riverboat cruise is a truly unique retreat for your company. 


2. Weddings

An Amazon riverboat cruise is the perfect setting for a romantic and beautiful wedding. Where could be more special to tie the knot than in the middle of the Amazon Rainforest

With luxurious cabins for guests and special suites for the happy couple, make your wedding one you and your guests will never forget. Our chartered boats are fully staffed with crew, cooks and guides to ensure your day goes without a hitch. While the lounge areas can be used to dance the night away at the end of that special day.

Honeymoon on the Delfin I Riverboat

Honeymoon on the Delfin I Riverboat

We can help to organise everything, from the flowers to the local Amazonian cuisine for your wedding breakfast, just contact us for more information. Bring some magic to your wedding by choosing Rainforest Cruises for your perfect day.

And why not extend your trip to include your honeymoon – with exciting activities and stops in quaint Amazonian villages, you can experience the Amazonian culture and relax together as the newly confirmed Mr and Mrs! 


3. Family Reunions

So you are planning a family reunion and you are running out of exciting ideas for the location... Well look no further than chartering an Amazon riverboat cruise. Set in the heart of the Amazon Rainforest, Rainforest Cruises offer an exciting trip through the Amazon for large groups, giving them the opportunity to experience the stunning landscape, all from the comfort of a luxurious riverboat.

With relaxing lounge areas in our chartered boats, you and your family can catch up on family news and events surrounded by the sounds and sights of the beautiful Amazon. 

Skiff excursion in the Amazon

Skiff excursion in the Amazon

What's more, Rainforest Cruises offer third bed or bunkbed options for those family members with kids, and some riverboats have connecting cabins to make it even safer to travel with young children. 

Amazon riverboats are very safe, each one goes through rigorous checks and has safety and contingency measures in place. What's also great about this option for your big event, is that there is no wifi! Kids will have to sit down and chat with family members like the good old days!


4. Holiday Getaway

Why not try something new this year and spend Christmas, New Year, Thanksgiving or any other holiday aboard one of our luxury charter cruises? Take the pressure off the turkey, grab your presents and make a comfortable and idyllic riverboat your home for the holidays.

Instead of spending your holidays watching TV, with Amazon River Cruises you can take a trek through the Amazon jungle and enjoy a holiday adventure you and your family will never forget. 

Swimming in the Amazon Region

Swimming in the Amazon Region

And you won't need to cook! Enjoy tasty and exciting local foods from the Amazon region and experience a new type of holiday dinner. If you have fussy eaters in the family do not worry, our chefs will happily adjust the menu for them, although with a little encouragement they usually come round to the delicious offerings of the Amazon


5. Birthday and Anniversary Boating

If you are not sure what to do for that big celebration, and are tired of throwing ordinary parties for birthdays or anniversaries, then why not try an Amazon River Cruise? With riverboats big enough to house up to 18 passengers in nine cabins, you can gather your closest friends and family together to partake in your birthday or anniversary adventure on the waters.

With food and drink included in your package and chefs on board for your entire journey, you won't need to worry about providing for the party. All cabins have air conditioning and hot water, as well as spectacular views of the Amazon Rainforest, so there won't be any awkward sleeping arrangements. 

Birthday Celebration on the Delfin Amazon Cruise

Birthday Celebration on the Delfin Amazon Cruise

With expertly trained crews and experienced guides you will get to explore the Amazon Rainforest from the comfort of your riverboat and with all of your family and friends – what a better way to see the Amazon, and celebrate your birthday or anniversary!

Find out more about chartering an Amazon cruise here, all cruises come with full board, transfers, crew and a guide. If you have any requests or concerns about chartering a riverboat in the Amazon do not hesitate to contact us.  

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