Selva Viva: Community Projects

Operated by a French-Peruvian NGO, the Selva Viva does remarkable work in helping grassroots projects in the underdeveloped region of Loreto. Depending on occupancy rates, up to 20% of passenger cruise fares goes directly to projects in places that are visited on itineraries, so as a traveler you will be directly contributing to the well-being of the people you meet and the areas you visit on your Amazon adventure.


Projects that are currently being undertaken:


The sustainable production of aguaje oil in the community of 20 de Enero in the Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve

Objective: Contribute to the preservation of the species Mauritia flexuosa, promoting sustainable development by strengthening production activity of aguaje oil and soaps.

ActivitiesSustainable harvesting of aguaje, production of aguaje oil, soapmaking, training, marketing and promotion of production (local, domestic and export), increasing capacity and improvement of basic services.

On the cruise: On board you will find many aguaje products that have been hand-made by the villagers from the community of Veinte De Enero. A brochure will also be offered to passengers interested in purchasing products to take away with them.


Reforestation on the Rio Nanay

Reforestation on the Nanay River

Objective: Implementation and teaching of sustainable agricultural techniques to ensure sufficient food security for families, improving their living conditions and the recovery of their environment.

ActivitiesReforestation, enrichment of vegetable plots, breeding of small animals, farming, training and raising awareness about the preservation of the environment in educational institutions.

On the cruise: You may participate in reforestation, giving a hand planting saplings.


Access to drinking water and health promotion

Health promotion in underdeveloped areas

Objective: Contribute to improving the health conditions of isolated, vulnerable populations by improving access to drinking water and strengthening the community healthcare system.

ActivitiesImplementation of family systems of rainwater collection (Community of Sparta), awareness and prevention in hygiene and sanitation, training of health workers, implementation of community medicine cabinets (Nahuapa and Choroyacu Rivers).

On the cruise: The Selva Viva vessel plays an important role in delivering much needed medical supplies to these remote areas.


Improving health on the Rio Marañon

The vessel transports important medical supplies

Objective: Contribute to improving the health conditions of isolated, vulnerable populations, providing first-aid, ophthalmology, dentistry and gynaecology, as well as raising health awareness.

ActivitiesFirst-aid, consultations (general medicine, gynaecology, nursing, ophthalmology, dermatology and dentistry), training of health workers, awareness and prevention (nutrition, self-medication, malaria, hygiene and oral hygiene, family planning, etc.).

On the cruise: The Selva Viva vessel plays an important role in delivering much needed medical supplies to these remote areas.


Legalization of property titles of native communities

Education in entitlement issues

Objective: Support and streamline the property titling process for the native communities of Loreto.

Activities: Technical, financial and administrative monitoring through coordination with DISAFILPA.

On the cruise: To date the owners of the Selva Viva have helped locals to gain ownership of 6,327 hectares by the Rio Napo, and the ownership of 14,415 hectares is in the process of being transfered.




Should they wish, passengers can make extra donations to these great causes during their itineraries or at the end of their cruise .


To find out how you can contribute, or for more information, please contact us.

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