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Benjamin Cross - Culinary Genius Behind The Aqua Blu

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Aqua cruises are known for their culinary care and attention to detail. The newest and spiciest of the lot is Australian born chef, Benjamin Cross. With years of culinary experience under his belt and a wealth of knowledge from around the world, it's no surprise he has been gifted with the honor of becoming the newest addition for the Aqua Blu.

Source: Taste Kitchen /

Source: Taste Kitchen /


Chef Cross grew up in Eltham, a small village a mere 25 minutes away from Byron Bay, Australia. Since then, he has traveled countless miles working in some of the highest caliber kitchens across the globe. Cross began his culinary journey working with highly respectable chefs such as Neil Perry and Janni Krystis, founders of Rockpool and MG Garage, respectively. A little time and a lot of learning went by before Cross moved onto his own personal endeavors, co-founding Urbane, a restaurant in Queensland. Urbane has since progressed, winning awards and attention in its own right.

The next continent on Chef Cross' checklist was Europe - Spain, to be exact. It is here where Benjamin opened yet another restaurant and worked in Santi Santamaria’s prestigious Can Fabes. After 32 years of service, Can Fabes closed in 2003. However, during its reign it collected three Michelin stars and was appointed Relais & Chateaux status and presidency, for three consecutive years! Needless to say, Chef Cross gained invaluable experience and by 2008, he had departed on yet another venture, jetting off to his new home - Bali.

Here he was appointed as the Executive Chef of Bali’s leading dining venue, Ku De Ta. In 2013 he proceeded to open his own fine dining establishment - Mejeakwi. Building his empire up over the next five years, by 2018 he possessed numerous other restaurants in Indonesia: Fishbone Local, Mason, and The Back Room. With over 10 years of industry experience in Bali alone, this sous-chef-turned-culinary-extraordinaire must have been an easy choice for the challenge of Aqua Expeditions' newest 30 passenger vessel, the Aqua Blu.

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Source: AE -

Bringing Food To Life On The Aqua Blu

Benjamin Cross is the mastermind behind the Aqua Blu Cruises' culinary experience. Cuisine is a substantial portion of what makes a cruise enjoyable and memorable, for passengers of all ages. Simply put, no limitations have been put in place regarding the Aqua Blu. Ready for launch in November 2019, Chef Cross has designed and constructed over 100 dishes solely for this cruise.

Locally sourcing ingredients from Bali and East Indonesia is part of what makes Chef Cross' dishes so spectacular. With access to the legendary Spice Islands, the menu will be overflowing with beautiful dishes, enriched with indigenous spices. Spices that famously originate from the Spice Islands are nutmeg, cloves, coffee, pepper and mace. Generous quantities of prime quality, sustainably sourced Indonesian seafood will be the heart and soul of many plates served on board.

Transporting guests through an expedition of his own, you will be exposed to platters that combine Asian and European influences, both cooked using traditional philosophies and native methods. Chef Cross aims to harness the offerings from Indonesia's land and seas, to orchestrate dishes that bring together a story - a narrative that showcases flavors found throughout the length and breadth of the spice trade route, in the exquisite islands of Indonesia.

Source: AE -

Source: AE -

Enjoy Benjamin Cross' Distinctively Delicious Cruise Journey

If the concept of visiting cultural hot-spots such as the Komodo National Park, with world-renowned Chef's cuisine, on a sparkling, new, luxury cruise ship doesn't tickle your fancy, then we don't know what will. For those of you curious about the trip of a lifetime, we can offer you the full experience on the Aqua Blu right here at Rainforest Cruises. Cabin categories range to suit traveling singles, couples, all the way to entire families!

What are you waiting for? Send us an enquiry or call 1-888-215-3552today, to be one of the first passengers to experience this life-changing vacation.

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