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Luxury Amazon River cruises really do exist in the remotest corners of the rainforest. Rainforest Cruises have searched the length of the Amazon River to find those cruises that we truly consider luxurious. We not only provide expert advice on which vessel to choose for your tour, but guarantee to offer the best rate! View our top-selling luxury Amazon River cruise boats below.

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Shannon Testimonal
I truly recommend this trip and even more so, the Delfin I cruise. It was the best way to experience all the wild adventures the Amazon River has to offer! We will undoubtedly use Rainforest Cruises again and can’t wait for our next adventure!
— Shannon Avery, Los Angeles, California
Aqua Testimonial
The luxury Amazon cruise was fantastic; we had a wonderful time. The staff were very attentive and made our time in the rainforest amazing. The room was very comfortable and everyone was very friendly. The presentation of the food was also great. It was a great experience. Thank you.
— Erica & Bruce McFadzen, Brisbane, Australia

Tour the Amazon in Luxury

See below how we define a luxury Amazon River cruise, and what makes these luxury Amazon cruises so special. While all the Amazon tours featured on our website offer comfortable accommodation, great food, interesting itineraries, and knowledgeable guides, the boats in our Luxury Amazon Cruise category really stand out for their amenities, service and attention to detail. Our best-selling luxury Amazon River cruises, such as the Delfin I & II riverboats, Aria from Aqua Expeditions, Amazon Discovery and award-winning Anaconda Amazon cruise all boast these luxurious features on and off-board.

luxury amazon river cruise

First-Rate Accommodations

The cabins are spacious, the beds are large (California king size available), the linen, toiletries and towels are of the best quality. Overall, the atmosphere is extremely inviting. All cabins are climate-controlled and offer remarkable views through floor-to-ceiling windows. Hot water is always available in your spacious, private bathroom. The Amazon Discovery’s Amazonia Suite is 597 square feet, beautifully decorated with 180 degree views of the awe-inspiring Amazon Rainforest. The suites onboard luxury amazon cruises are so lavish, travelers often find it difficult to leave the room. You can expect to find similar amenities on other Amazon luxury cruises that Rainforest Cruises has selected. Many suites include mini bar, in-room seating area, silent a/c units, hot water, hair dryer, in-room safe, internal communication, pillow menus and complimentary bottles of champagne and spa services. 

Gourmet food on luxury amazon cruises

Gourmet Cuisine

Meals on board are a real source of pride and care, designed by world-class chefs to make the best use of the national recipes and locally-sourced ingredients. Mealtimes are a truly special experience, as guests eagerly await the next discovery, with the real possibility of previously unknown flavors. Luxury Amazon cruises are known for their unrivaled level of sophistication. If your luxury suite has a private terrace, why not order your room service for a romantic private dinner? Many of these cruises offer tasting menus made with an array of exotic local ingredients. Amazonian cuisine is one of the world’s finest, and it reflects the region’s cultural and biological diversity. Be prepared to sample exquisite fish, meat and vegetables dishes, accompanied by cocktails made with exotic tropical fruits. When in Peru, ask your cruise guide for a Pisco Sour lesson, and if you are in Brazil, a caipirinha should be your cocktail of choice.

luxury amazon river cruise

Well-Appointed Public Areas

Despite active schedules, luxury Amazon River cruise itineraries do contain plenty of down time, especially during the hottest part of the day. These luxury ships provide a selection of comfortable public areas - such as the bar, library, lounge or sun deck - to relax, chat to your fellow travelers or crew members, read a book and watch the Amazon jungle glide gently past. Treat yourself to a spa session onboard or spend an afternoon curled up on a cushioned chaise with a book in hand. Open-air sun decks are typically the hub of activity onboard. Here you can take a dip in the sparkling plunge pool or practice yoga while you revel in the sounds of the jungle coming to life. The lounge and bar area on luxury amazon cruises are exceptional, and by nightfall, you’ll find most passengers enjoying a cocktail while participating in a pisco sour making class with the cruise barman or listening to live music entertainment.

luxury amazon river cruise

Outstanding Staff & Crew

For many, the most memorable aspect of an Amazon cruise are the people one meets along the way. Key among these are the guides and ship's crew, who are hand-picked for their knowledge, amiability and hard work, which enrich the whole cruise experience. Their presence complements the first-class surroundings perfectly. With cultural performances, lively discussions with expert naturalists, Peruvian cooking classes, and nightly entertainment around the bar enrich and delight as the ship’s staff cater to your every whim. Multilingual, expert naturalist guides are truly the best of the best, and they will help maximize your experience on and off-board. Many of the guides are local to the area and have fascinating stories about growing up in the Amazon jungle. Expert guides use their eagle-eye view to spot and identify wildlife at staggering distances, they mimic the calls of birds and monkeys, and they can personally introduce you to a local Amazonian shaman.

Luxury Amazon Expeditions

A trip to the Amazon River is a thrilling experience in itself, no matter what style of riverboat you choose. Cruise into the depths of the Amazon jungle and be prepared to be in awe of the new world you will discover. All cruise expeditions Rainforest Cruises offers are of similar nature and lead by expert naturalist guides. However, you will find the excursions and expeditions onboard luxury Amazon cruises to have specific perks. The Aria, Aqua Expeditions’ luxury riverboat, cruises through the streams of the pristine Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve, an area with a protected collection of flora and fauna amongst the most diverse in the entire Amazon. Inside the reserve, travelers will have a greater chance to spot some of the Amazon’s most famous wildlife: pink river dolphins, three-toed sloths, green anacondas, capuchin monkeys, blue morpho butterflies, black caiman and tarantulas, just to name a few. 

The award-winning and luxurious Anakonda Amazon cruise in Ecuador takes its passengers to the Yasuni National Park, a 2.5 million acre national park home to untouched wilderness and Amazonian tribes. The Anavilhanas Archipelago in Brazil is another stunning site included in some Amazon cruise itineraries. Imagine a complex of more than 400 remarkable islands amidst the rich Amazon rainforest, you’ll be sure to find exotic flora and fauna around every turn. 

Stand-up paddle boarding is quickly becoming a favorite pastime activity, and it is now exclusively available aboard the luxurious Delfin I Amazon cruise in Peru. Float along the quiet waters of the Amazon’s tributaries and bask under the warm sun while looking out at the jungle scenery from a new perspective. If you fancy a river excursion you can do with your partner, tandem kayaking is available. Many luxury Amazon cruise boats have the best kayaking equipment onboard, and include at least one kayaking expedition in their cruise itineraries. 

Kayaking is a great way to explore the waters of the Amazon River where larger cruise ships can’t go. Glide through flooded rainforest canopy, and waterways between villages. Paddling out early morning means Amazonian sunrises and prime bird-watching opportunities. 

Almost every luxury Amazon river tour offers the popular Piranha fishing excursion. You simply can’t leave the Amazon without catching a piranha or two. Your expert amazon guide will paddle you out to the edge of the stream where you’ll set up your bait and patiently wait for the catch. Enjoy the sounds of the Amazon jungle and the reflection of its tranquil waters.

Luxury Amazon cruise expeditions make room for custom excursions. Are you a life lister and to spend more time bird-watching? Perhaps you prefer fishing for a species other than piranha? Piranha are small compared to what else lies within the Amazon River, and a fishing-focused luxury cruise expedition will plan each day’s itinerary around the sport. Expect high-end gear, specialist guides, and many opportunities to learn about species caught there. These types of custom tours can be arranged at an additional fee. 

Amazonian life takes place in both the river and the treetop canopy. A few luxury Amazon cruises in Peru offer trips to canopy walkway systems, a series of suspended bridges 25 meters in the air. Here you’ll get an entirely new perspective on the Amazon rainforest. Take in the dramatic views and wildlife spotting opportunities. What an adventure! 

There’s no mistaking that a Luxury Amazon tours will offer more than enough to keep you busy, from piranha fishing to kayaking, there is an activity for every traveler in the Amazon rainforest. 

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