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How to Combine a Jungle Lodge with an Amazon River Cruise

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If you’re eager to experience the best of both worlds through combining an Amazon River cruise with a stay in a jungle lodge, then look no further! For those heading to the Peru, we’ve compiled some advice on how to seamlessly integrate these two unique and ultimately unmissable experiences into one unforgettable Amazon adventure. 

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Get the Best of Both Worlds

Our travelers often ask us whether we’d recommend one Amazon tour style over another: river cruising or a stay in a jungle lodge. The truth is, both of these options are very different, each bringing their own merits and considerations.

For example, when staying in a lodge you are obviously restricted in terms of mobility to one relatively small area, whereas a cruise allows you to discover and travel between a diverse range of landscapes and ecosystems, including up narrow tributaries you’d never otherwise be able to reach.  

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On the other hand, a jungle lodge experience enables you to really live and breathe the rainforest lifestyle. You’ll live and sleep in the midst of the jungle within earshot of all the wildlife, and some lodges even provide canopy level accommodation that provides fantastic opportunities for close encounters with the animals. Aboard a river boat, whilst you’ll still enjoy fantastic views, you are more sealed off from other aspects of the jungle environment (which can be beneficial in terms of climate, unwanted insects, and so on) and you’ll likely to experience a greater level of comfort.


Which one you opt for therefore depends on the type of experience you’re looking for, whether it be getting to know one area in great depth or traveling along the waterways to get a broader overview of the rainforest’s diversity. If you’re struggling to make a choice, how about combining both to create the ultimate Amazon experience?

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How to Combine a Lodge and Cruise

You can incorporate a stay in a jungle lodge at either end of an Amazon river cruise. But we recommend beginning with a lodge stay as a great way to acclimatize and immerse yourself in the environment before embarking on a cruise. Lodges are also very flexible in terms of arrival and departure date, as opposed to cruises, that run on a strict schedule. 

There are some incredible jungle lodges around Iquitos that provide the perfect introduction to the Peruvian Amazon, including the beautiful Treehouse Lodge that we’ve profiled below. Your Travel Specialist will help you seamlessly integrate your jungle lodge stay with your Amazon river cruise. There are also plenty of jungle lodges available in Brazil and Ecuador, don't hesitate to Contact Us about those!

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Our Jungle Lodge Top Pick: The Treehouse Lodge

We highly recommend kicking off your once-in-a-lifetime trip with a stay in this unique and rustic canopy-level lodge. Situated up to 67 feet above the ground, you’ll spend your days in the lofty heights of a pristine jungle reserve surrounded by a diverse range of forest wildlife including monkeys, sloths, toucans and macaws. The Treehouse Lodge features 8 en-suite bungalows, each fully furnished and boasting an impressive level of comfort. The rooms are connected to each other, and to the lower dining, bar and lounge areas, via suspended wooden pathways and bridges that offer stunning panoramic views.

The food is delicious, ranging from meat, fish and vegetable dishes, along with plenty of fresh fruit and sweet deserts. The chefs take pride in drawing inspiration from the ingredients and flavors of the surrounding forest, as well as striving to cater for dietary needs and special requests. The lodge also organizes an excellent range of excursions to complete your Amazon experience, including piranha fishing, nocturnal walks, dolphin spotting trips and cultural visits to the local indigenous communities. 


To combine the very best of the Amazon into one trip, and book a stay in a jungle lodge on either side of your river cruise, contact a Travel Specialist to get started!

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