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The 12 Best Things To Do In Bolivia


Bolivia is home to many scenes, including snowy mountain peaks, highlands, hot amazon jungles, breathtaking valleys, and lakeside beaches. As you make your way around Bolivia, you will have trouble believing you are still in the same country. The wide range of scenery makes this South American country unique, offering you everything from quiet countryside villages to big cities. With so much diversity in locations, you are sure to find many things to do in Bolivia.

In addition to the array of scenery, Bolivia offers travelers near-endless opportunities to experience the local culture. There is never a dull moment in this country, as you explore and encounter exotic wildlife, spot dancing zebras, and enjoy local cuisine, including crocodile tails. Just to name a few of the best things to do in Bolivia.

Tourist Walks Inside The Cooperative Mine, In Potosi Bolivia

Tourist Walks Inside The Cooperative Mine, In Potosi Bolivia

1. Discover the Potosi Silver Mines

Get lured in by the adventure associated with being a miner at the Potosi Silver Mines. Located on top of the Bolivian highlands, the mines are among the most popular things to tour and experience in Potosi. Keep in mind, tours of the mines are not the easiest of tours. If entering the mine is not something on your travel list, there are plenty of other mine-related activities to do in and around Potosi, including learning more about the history of this mining town and lighting a stick of dynamite.

2. Experience Local Cuisine

Experiencing the local cuisine is a must in Bolivia, and you need to be ready to experience some foods you may not usually try at home. Foodies love the mixture of Spanish cuisine mixed with indigenous ingredients, and you will enjoy it too. Some of the more popular dishes you must try when visiting this South American country include llama steak, quinoa, and crocodile tail.

Archaeological Site Of El Fuerte De Samaipata, Bolivia

Archaeological Site Of El Fuerte De Samaipata, Bolivia

3. Explore a Cloud Forest

It may take a long drive to get to the Cloud Forest (three hours exactly), but it is worth the drive from Santa Cruz to the tiny village of Samaipata. Exploring this area of the country is definitely different than experiencing city life and offers an opportunity to hike among giant ferns and exotic wildlife. Your forest adventure will take you to flowing waterfalls and see El Fuerte, a huge rock, which is religiously significant for the indigenous groups that occupied this area.

Kalasasaya Temple, An Important Pre Columbian Archaeological Site In Tiwanaku - Bolivia

Kalasasaya Temple, An Important Pre Columbian Archaeological Site In Tiwanaku – Bolivia

4. Marvel at Ancient Pyramids

The pyramids at Tiwanaku are a must experience for those who love exploring ancient sites and learning about local history. Visiting this UNESCO World Heritage Site offers more than just exploring the pyramids. Your experience will include access to an underground temple, monoliths, and the Gate of the Sun. Though much of this historic site was ruined during Spanish colonization, it has been under Bolivian protection since the 1960s. This means there is still plenty to experience and explore when visiting these ancient ruins.

System Of Cable Cars in La Paz

System Of Cable Cars in La Paz

5. Ride a Cable Car

La Paz is home to the most comprehensive system of cable cars, which act as the city’s public transportation. Sit back and take in the scenery as you ride the cable cars, known as Mi Teleférico, zipping high in the sky from the city’s center to nearby hillsides. The first cable cars were launched in 2014, making this method of transportation clean and very tourist-friendly. The best thing is you can see the stunning Illimani mountain in the background while avoiding heavy traffic on the city streets below.

Bolivian Amazon

6. See Pink River Dolphins

Get ready to have your breath taken away when you spot the largest freshwater dolphins in the world. The Pink River Dolphin can be spotted swimming along the Amazon Basin, where you can find places to stay the night in one of the waterfront lodges. Staying near the Amazon Basin gives you daily access to spotting local wildlife, including crocodiles, caymans, anaconda snakes, monkeys, and leopards. Don’t forget to take in some of the most spectacular sunsets and sunrises in the country.

The best places in Bolivia to see pink dolphins include the Upper Madeira Basin, at the confluence of the Ibare and Mamoré rivers, and in Rurrenabaque on the Beni River.

Souvenirs On Witche's Market, In La Paz

Souvenirs On Witche’s Market, In La Paz

7. Shop Bolivia’s Witches Market

Located among lively tourist streets is Bolivia’s Witches Market, complete with street vendors selling unique, strange, and fascinating products. Are you looking for soapstone figurines? This market has them. Are you looking for dried turtles or snakes? This market has them too. Are you needing some folk remedies? You guessed it. The Witches Market has those too. Even if you are not in the market for strange and obscure items, this market is fun to explore and see what fascinating items vendors are selling.

Bolivia’s Witches Market is located in La Paz on Calle Jiminez and Linares between Sagarnaga and Santa Cruz.

8. Spot the Dancing Zebras

Navigating the chaotic and congested streets of La Paz is going to be much more enjoyable when you spot the dancing zebras. This is one of the country’s most endearing things to experience, especially as you witness their playful dancing and happy vibes. The dancing zebras are meant to be traffic wardens, ensuring people can safely travel from one side of the road to the other. The dancing zebra may even encourage you to do some dancing as you cross the street.

Boat Ride In Lake TIticaca

Boat Ride In Lake Titicaca

9. Take a Boat Ride

Lake Titicaca is one of the most incredible sights in Bolivia, offering breathtaking shades of blue that will have you mesmerized. This lake is the highest navigable body of water in the world and one of the largest lakes in South America. After your boat ride, you can choose to stay overnight on one of the lake’s floating islands, or if you prefer, you can make it a day trip to the lake and stay nearby in Copacabana.

10. Tour a Brewery

Located about an hour away from La Paz in Achocalla, Adventure Brew Microbrewery offers tours for those wanting to experience a locally crafted beer. You are sure to be impressed with this gem as you get to tour the brewery while sampling beer and barbecue. This brewery produces Saya beer, which can be sampled when the Brew Master, Remo, opens the doors to travelers for tours.

11. Walk with Dinosaurs

Everyone between the ages of 1 and 101 loves dinosaurs and will fall in love when they have the opportunity to walk where dinosaurs once walked millions of years ago. The world’s most extensive collection of preserved dinosaur prints reside just outside of Sucre in Parque Cretacico. Your journey will take you along a path where you will see thousands of footprints of dinosaurs from the Crustracus period on the ground and along the cliff sides.

Natura & Salt Flas

12. Witness Nature at the Salt Flats

No trip to Bolivia is complete without witnessing mother nature at work at the Uyuni Salt Flats. Your breath will be taken away as you gaze endlessly in all directions and gaze up at the sky full of stars. This is such a remote location nothing you do will be interrupted by city sounds or light pollution. If you visit during the wet season, you will be lucky enough to witness the flats as they turn into the largest reflective surface you have ever seen as a thin layer of water rests on top.

Wow. Bolivia does offer some amazing things for everyone to experience. What is on your Bolivia vacation wishlist? Walking with dinosaurs? Touring a brewery? Or experiencing some type of outdoor adventure? No matter what kind of vacation experience you want, this South American country is sure to have something for you to explore and experience.


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