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Peralta Pantanal Cruise

Pantanal – Luxury Cruise

Tour Brazil's Pristine Pantanal National Park in Luxury aboard the Peralta Pantanal Cruise 

Pantanal tours aboard the Motor Yacht Peralta are thoughtful, active and above all exploratory. Every aspect of the cruise is designed to enable guests to observe the wonders of the world's largest wetlands and to sample the vibrant culture that thrives in this remote corner of the earth. 

The M/Y Peralta seeks out areas in the Brazilian Pantanal that are often overlooked by other visitors. Travelers are rewarded with a wider array of untamed wildlife all while exploring in a sustainable way. Below is everything you need to know about this fascinating cruise and impressive region.

The Pantanal region in Brazil gets little tourists compared to the well-known Amazon, it is still considered to be a travel destination off the tourist beaten path. The open marshes allow you to spot jaguars, storks, caiman, monkeys, and more, in contrast the dense foliage of the rainforest. If you are in search of rare wildlife, be prepared to spot them here in the Pantanal. The M/Y Peralta is a new vessel of a luxury class that explores the vast Pantanal Nature Reserve, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. All aspects of the cruise are designed to help enjoy the best that this region has to offer and to appeal to travelers who are looking for a luxurious, but also genuine experience. 

The name “Pantanal” comes from the Portuguese word pantano, which refers to a wetland, swamp or marsh. It is home to a variety of sub-regional ecosystems, each possessing distinct hydrological, geological and ecological characteristics. During the rainy season, the Pantanals floodplains are completely submerged as water levels rise between two and five meters (six to sixteen feet), which helps nurture a remarkably diverse array of aquatic plants and animals species. During the dry season the plains drain, and the floodplains become grasslands, providing more space for a different set of species.

The best way to experience the natural wonder of the Pantanal is through a naturalist-guided tour, especially with one committed to preservation of the natural environment. Select between the 4-day or 5-day itinerary and visit a UNESCO World Heritage site, explore Corumba's highlights, learn how to cook and experience local beer tasting, visit a typical Pantanal farm and admire the fascinating flora and fauna of the wetlands.

Please note that a pre-arranged visa is required by holders of US, Canadian and Australian passports, in order to enter Brazil. Contact us for more details.

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